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Python is both a programming and a scripting language.

Python is a high-level interpreted programming language (PL) created by Guido Van Rossum, released in 1991 emphasizing Don’t Repeat Yourself DRY principle and readability.

Python is a wonderful general purpose, dynamic, high level programming language (PL). Error debugging is easy and ensures rapid development of application prototypes.

It can be used to create web apps, (Desktop) GUI applications, and web frameworks. Find below python application examples.

A scripting language works to automate repeated tasks like implementation of a procedure or program. Python is pretty easy to pick up and ideally a wannabe programmer should learn this PL first as it helps you to comprehend programming.

Python coding has a natural flair that makes it easy to read and grasp – as it lacks semicolons or braces. Python is a versatile multi-paradigm language, it lets developers to build applications using various approaches: object-oriented programming or functional programming.

Top tech giants who have adopted Python PL.


New Dropbox Logo Png, uses python programming language

Dropbox gives secure access to your files. Reach out to your friends, family, and co-workers using any device. The desktop client in this cloud based storage system works on Python. Dropbox conceived to grab something modest as storing stuff online, scaled it to fanciful levels and fashioned a product that’s amazing to use. This helped them earn big bucks employing this strategy.

Dropbox has been valued at $7.8 billion.


Instagram Logo

Instagram’s tech stack has advanced a lot from their unpretentious beginnings. But remember Instagram banked on Python early on.

Instagram was fairly a simple website was built on Django. Django is a high-level Python web framework. This image-sharing site was acquired by Facebook for colossal amount of money. It is outrageously quick, comfortingly secure and exceptionally scalable. Instagram still works on Django.


Amazon Logo | uses python programming language

Amazon is into ecommerce, cloud-computing, and entertainment. They benefit using Python. The PL is used to build the recommendation engine. Python was the PL used to write the machine learning system and it works on Hadoop database. Python is just the apt technology for big data analysis, due to the commendable scalability it provides.

Pinterest logo PNG

 Pinterest developers in 2009-2010 built their social media platform using Python to collect and share visual content. That was the technology they discerned and believed it to be best.

Python has been utilized to write the large part of the platform’s source code. But it is clear that the firm likes to experiment with other technologies.

The flexibility of Python makes it a good choice. To balance stack-complexity there’s nothing better than Python. Hence Ruby-based Puppet for deployment is advantageous and Java-based Lucene. Python especially scores when it comes to time-to-market and speed-of-development.


Quora - python application example

Quora is by far the world’s prevalent question-and-answer platform trusted by common folks and professionals alike.

They were never really interested in PHP. Because they saw how FB agonized to get rid of it from their systems. And then they had to invest a lot of money to get it running on another tech.

They knew it had to be Python. Sure they did consider Java, C#, and Scala – but like most businesses rooting for speed of development they had to settle for Python. They needed their MVP out without too much delay.


Uber Logo

Founders of this ride sharing company had two choices: Ruby or Python. They unequivocally settled on Python as there are lots of calculations to perform on the Uber platform.

The demand – supply, traffic – arrival schedules, is predicted by the app’s backend. Python has dexterity over mathematical calculations.

We know that Python is easier to pick up for developers than Ruby. Getting the right kind of professionals is a concern in most parts of the world. With Python easy to pick up, there’s no shortage of manpower here.

Uber is particular about its technology stack. For asynchronous programming Tornado Python web framework is utilized. Uber develops their personalized visualization frameworks. This can be accessed by Python to be render in a browser to create high data density visualizations.


Ibm Logo Png

If even IBM, the decisive tech giant utilizes Python, then there must be some given reason to it.

What’s IBMs relationship with Python you might ask: a Python web server can be deployed on the IBM Bluemix. Then there is also a Python SDK for IBM’s big data and AI offering (Watson). And you are not going to believe, IBM has also published a free Python tutorial exclusively for autodidacts.


Netflix - uses Python

What Spotify is to music, Netflix is for video. They began small by delivering DVD by mail. Now they are the tech leader providing streaming video content to millions of subscribers.

Netflix uses Java extensively, yet Python’s footprint continues to garner aficionados. Netflix excels in its ability to provide amazing recommendations.

Its analytics engine predicts and provides suggestions regarding the kind of original content to order, thanks to Python.

Python helps developers with its rich standard library, concise, clean, expressive syntax, huge developer community, and third party libraries that solves most problems.

Developers can rapidly reiterate and innovate, hallmarks for Netflix.


Facebook Logo

FB is a social networking site for users to post comments, share photographs, and post news links or interesting content, you can chat live, and watch short form video.

With over a billion active users, FB literally means social media. The company is huge, and expectedly so is the tech stack, with lots of languages and technologies.

Facebook has mentioned on its official site that Python takes credit for a huge 21% slice of FBs infrastructure codebase. Given the humungous requirements of this tech giant, this ploy is worth mentioning.

Conclusion: Python Application Examples

The minimalism of Python makes it popular. The following are its highlights:

  • Highly readable PL
  • Interpreted nature
  • Works on any platform
  • Clean visual layout
  • Less syntactic exclusions
  • Superior string manipulation
  • Easy and dynamic typing
  • Ideal for scripting / rapid application

Python PL runs on any platform – Windows; Linux; Macintosh; Solaris; etc. Python is an open source PL freely available to all. It has the support of an emerging network of open-source packages and libraries. Anybody can download Python freely, install it and work on it.

Python application examples



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