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Shopify has made it possible for practically anyone to start their own online business without any difficulties. The platform provides the user with an assortment of features for new sellers, making it a simple process for them to establish a store with limited financial resources. Of course, anyone with enough experience in the eCommerce industry would tell you that there’s more to it.  You can’t just set up a feature-rich shop and expect sales to start pouring in. 

Even if you managed to create one of the best online shopping fronts in the world, it’s still a challenging feat to convert visitors into paying customers. If you haven’t already taken the time to create an efficient conversion rate optimization strategy, then you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. 

According to a report published by Econsultancy, only around 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. Taking the time to understand the reason behind your terrible conversion rate can help you make informed changes and acquire better results. 

Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help improve your conversion rate optimization. Shopify offers store owners a wide selection of apps that can help increase performance. While all of them boast about improving sales and helping stores thrive, not all of them are suitable for an owner’s needs. 

For that reason, we have decided to create this list of the best conversion rate optimization tools you can use for Shopify. 

First on our list will have to be our very own tool. Here at Crazy Egg, we are highly aware of the importance of receiving insights to make your website better. With how crucial heat maps have become for gaining insight on a website, we have made ours one of the best around. 

By using our visual reports and individual session recordings, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of your visitors. Find out where they are coming from, what pages they are navigating to, and where they’re getting stuck. That way, you’ll be able to make adjustments to your website with little to no hesitation on your end. 

Our tool also enables you to create the best possible page, thanks to our A/B testing tool. Make data-based decisions that will improve your bottom line as you continue to expand your eCommerce store. With A/B testing, you’ll know with certainty that you choose the appropriate content placement, images, color, or copy. Doing so will allow you to convert more visitors into loyal customers. 

Best of all, our editing tool allows you to make these changes quickly. You’ll be able to swiftly create or modify content without needing to hire a developer. Our editing tool enables you to change the styles of elements such as fonts and colors, or you could even hide them if you wish to. Once you are satisfied with the adjustments, you can publish them directly to your website. 

Crazy egg was made to help you improve what’s working on your website, adjust the ones that aren’t, and test out new ideas. 

Our tool is pretty straightforward to set up and integrates seamlessly with Shopify. You can also include all of your team members without having to pay any extra fees. So, check it out and see how it helps with your conversion rate optimization. 

CartHook is an excellent tool that can help with your whole checkout process with a custom funnel that enables you to offer post-purchase upsells to your customers. When a customer has finished placing their order, they have a time-limited opportunity to include more products on their account. Thanks to its custom upsell feature, you can apply multiple upsells that come with a personalized message for various orders. Each of these messages can be based on the items in your customer’s cart.

ChatHook also provides some well-designed templates for your Shopify checkout. These templates can be adjusted in any way you want and allow you to choose elements, such as CTA’s timers and product descriptions. Establish what products you want to upsell, create discounts, and the quality for customers. 

The tool can also track the results of all post-purchase funnels, allowing you to understand the impact on your AOV and revenue. These metrics will allow you to compare revenue from post-purchase funnels to total checkout revenue. You’ll receive a glimpse of how funnels increase AOV and compare to orders without post-purchase offers. Lastly, you’ll gain clear insight into conversation rates and top converting funnels with generated revenue. 

Privy is a robust tool that has included several features, such as exit-intent pop-ups, email campaigns, remarketing, and retargeting. It’s one of the more popular tools among Shopify store owners and is being used by over 300,000 small businesses. 

One of the many reasons this particular tool has become so popular with Shopify business owners is its ease of use. It allows users to customize the exit pop-ups and emails effortlessly. You also can establish individual triggers and page rules for any message. Privy options give you total control over your pop-ups. 

However, once your email list has grown to a certain point or your Shopify store has expanded, you will be required to upgrade to one of its more expensive tiers. For example, its conversion plan costs $70/month for up to 50,000 pageviews.

Privy enables you to engage users while they are browsing through your site with pop-ups and fly-outs. That means you can boost your conversion rate through special offers and promotions or use it as a chance to grow your mailing list. The platform can even be used as a way to send abandoned cart emails. 

Growave is a customer engagement platform that has managed to combine several features in a single place. By allowing the tool to integrate with your social media channels, you’ll be granted the chance to leverage user-generated content to keep your content fresh and relevant. 

One of the reasons why Growave has managed to become well-regarded is due to the excellent customer support they offer to customers. In fact, it has managed to obtain a five-star rating on Shopify’s apps store. The platform has also made documentation and chat support available at every stage of the process. You can even message the developers to assist you in setting up the features. Another thing worth mentioning is that additional integrations are sometimes required, and not all of its features are available on every plan. 

Growwave’s reviews feature enables you to import and display product reviews. That way, your customer can find out if your product and business are trustworthy. Its wishlist feature builds an alternative CTA to assist in keeping customers in your conversion funnel, even if they are not entirely prepared to make a purchase. The rewards and automated email feature also enable you to engage with your customers after they have purchased your product. Doing so will increase the customer’s loyalty and lifetime value. 

Optimonk comes with an assortment of features that will help improve your CRO. it provides you with many templates for varying types of on-page messages, sidebars, pop-ups, and full-screen messages. You can use these to offer your customers discounts, encourage social sharing or acquire emails. Taking the time to engage with your visitor through the use of an interactive tool like a pop-up, you can boost the possibility of them taking the actions you want on your store. 

This tool is also well regarded by most Shopify business owners, and it has received good ratings on the Shopify app store. It helps that Optimonk has managed to create a very user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, there are some other cheaper tools out there that offer sidebars and pop-ups, so you need to ensure that a tool like this is suitable for your business needs. 

Another excellent thing about this tool is that it offers plenty of well-designed templates for on-site messages. The pop-ups are stylish and can be seamlessly customized to suit your needs. Even so, these pop-ups are only effective if you manage to use them as part of your conversion rate optimization strategy. 

Yotpo review feature gives you the ability to gather, moderate and display responses from your customers. The tool also gives you the option to integrate with a wide assortment of platforms and even include reviews into your search engine display. That means this tool can boost your website’s traffic along with your Shopify conversion rate. 

The tool gives you an easy way to organize all of the customer reviews you’ve obtained. That provides you with a convenient way to apply those reviews for future marketing campaigns. The tool is rated well among Shopify owners, so you’ll be in good hands with this tool. 

The customer review tool provides you with an appealing method to display customer reviews in boxes on your Shopify page. These displays can also be inserted into your emails and pop-ups. The integration process for this tool makes it very easy for you to collect and share reviews between various platforms. However, the highly moderated format diminishes the impact of authentic reviews and social proof. Generally speaking, fewer focused reviews are more impactful. 

Shogun is one of the most popular landing page tools on Shopify’s app store. The simple yet effective design interface allows any user to build high-converting landing pages for their Shopify store. Due to the vast number of templates available, Shogun has managed to grow into one of the top page-builders for any website. 

If you decide to use Shogun, it will provide a wide assortment of templates to choose from. It also comes with a powerful yet manageable drag-and-drop builder that allows you to customize the landing page in a way that matches your brand. Shogun is a very high-end tool and may not be suitable for people who are just starting up an eCommerce business. The pricing alone will cause a significant dent in your financial resources. 

Aside from providing an excellent assortment of templates created by some of the best eCommerce experts around, it also offers you several bolt-on features that boost conversation rates. All types of pages come with their own set of features such as free shipping bars, contact forms, personalized recommendations, and “frequently bought together” options. 

Smile allows you to build rewards and loyalty programs that are made for your size and business model. It enables you to customize your emails and pop-ups to share these exciting rewards with your customers. 

While Smile has had some bumps in the roads in the past, it has managed to become a widely popular tool amongst its users. Its customer support has been said to be some of the best around. 

Smile was created to help business owners establish a brand community by gamifying their eCommerce websites. It provides your customers with points for performing specific actions, such as referring to someone they know, which then gains them a discount in return. The tool also offers some valuable statistics that can be used to improve customer loyalty. Keep in mind that there are some customers out there that are not fond of the whole gamification thing, so you’ll have to consider if it fits your target audience. 

Social Photos gives you a way to gather images from social media platforms and integrate them into your Shopify store through curated galleries. It even encourages your customers to share their photos. The idea here is to gather a catalog of product images that can be used as social proof. 

Social media has become one of the most resourceful tools for any business out there. Using customer-generated content to market your brand has proven to be highly effective. However, the one issue is that most of these customer photos are less likely to be professional than any images you would use. Even so, the tool can serve any Shopify store that has managed to build a decent size brand community. 


Optimizing your conversation rate for Shopify is crucial for overall success. Taking the time to improve your CRO will take your eCommerce store to a whole new level. These tools were designed to provide you with a seamless way to enhance your Shopify store. 

Making a data-driven decision will guarantee you are making the right changes. If you are interested in boosting your CRO, check out our tool today. 

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