7 Lead Generation Landing Page Examples [+ Optimization Tips]

First impressions make all the difference – especially when you’re trying to generate leads for your business.

If a potential customer wants to get your lead magnet or sign up for your service (or product), there’s a good chance the first page they’ll see is your landing page. And if you want your business to thrive, your landing page needs to be effective.

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How to Write a Press Release in 2021: Tips for Beginners

Press releases should be an integral part of marketing for businesses. You must be wondering why. According to Forbes, press releases can help you achieve a variety of goals such as improving your content marketing and SEO and sending a message. The idea here is not only to increase visibility but also to build brand … Read more

6 Actionable Tips for Engaging Marketing Presentations

Gone are the days when marketers used to go door-to-door to distribute flyers and pamphlets for promoting their products. Today, with the advent of digital marketing, the ways of doing marketing have modernized. Now, face-to-face interaction has been reduced to occasional marketing conferences or networking events. Marketers are no longer required to knock on the … Read more

11 Tips To Create A Photographer About Me Page (With Examples)

As a freelance photographer, it can be hard to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other businesses out there. 

Sure, you have an impressive photography portfolio, but that’s not always enough to seal the deal. In fact, 38% of freelancers said getting new clients was their biggest challenge.

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E-A-T, SEO Tips & Great Examples

Since the disruptive algorithm update some in the industry call the “Medic Update,” SEO professionals have seen consecutive broad core algorithm updates from Google. The search engine has indicated that “there is no ‘fix’” required to recover from these types of updates. However, some SEO pros have put forward convincing studies, including this one from … Read more

Let’s Get Technical: Presenter Top Tips from the First ParDreamin’

ParDreamin’ 2020 was nothing short of dreamy, but after every conference comes the time to open up the ol’ toolbox and apply all the rich insights we learned. Five presenters from some of the conference’s most popular sessions share their key takeaways and advice for taking action. Read on to see what inspired these leaders … Read more

12 Successful Small Business Content Marketing Strategies and Tips

If you’re a small business owner, then you need to be looking towards content marketing to help you grow your business. Digital content is incredibly important. In fact, people spend an average of around 7 hours a day consuming content online. Your small business content marketing strategy will help you reach interested customers, increase brand … Read more

8 Newsletter Ideas, Tips, And Topics To Engage Your Readers

8. Make sure your content is word perfect The benchmark of all good newsletters, the bedrock, the one thing that unites them all (this is getting very Lord of the Rings, sorry) – great copywriting. There’s no point building an engaged email list, understanding what your audience wants to read, planning the layout of dreams, … Read more