Why Outcome-Based Marketing Is Successful

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this feature! Marketers certainly don’t lack for ways to size up their customers. Demographics, online and offline viewing habits, purchase history, lifestyle, interests, response rates, likes, comments, clickthroughs, opt-ins, conversions, influences, behavior-tracking… the list is seemingly endless. Algorithms combine and analyze those factors … Read more

Your Guide to Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

By Kelly Forst September 2, 2021 Want a successful email marketing campaign? Then you need to do more than send random emails to your audience. Did you know people send 306 billion emails each day? That number will likely hit 361 billion by 2024. It may seem like a saturated field, but marketers report that email marketing … Read more

12 Successful Small Business Content Marketing Strategies and Tips

If you’re a small business owner, then you need to be looking towards content marketing to help you grow your business. Digital content is incredibly important. In fact, people spend an average of around 7 hours a day consuming content online. Your small business content marketing strategy will help you reach interested customers, increase brand … Read more

Scalable App – The Factor Between A Successful & Super Successful App

If you’re thinking of launching a digital startup, be sure to consider building a scalable app or website. This will help you avoid various problems in the future. Moreover, the issue is best addressed at the initial stages of planning, since making changes to an existing project would require much more effort. Minute aspects of … Read more