How Social Media Marketers successfully Run Livestream Stores

Social Media has come a long way since the days of teaching ourselves basic HTML and editing a top friends list on a MySpace page. Despite the controversial recent changes many platforms are turning social into more of an e-commerce platform—ahem, Instagram—the change is starting to be accepted, utilized, and social media marketers are beginning … Read more

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit in Just 30 Minutes

The number of worldwide social media users will surpass 3 billion by 2021. That’s more than a third of the Earth’s population! That creates an incredible opportunity to reach online users, and you shouldn’t pass it up. However, not every platform works the same for every business. That’s why it’s important to review what’s working … Read more

Upsizing Your Social Media Marketing: How Brands Generate More Leads

The marketing world keeps emitted with the time and introduction of technologies. Marketing is so much more nuanced than just “product promotion” and “brand engagement”. Indeed, when we talk about marketing, multiple layers exist, but when it comes to lead generation, marketers can’t overlook social media platforms. Whether you follow traditional marketing techniques or opt … Read more

8 [Recent and Unboring] Free Social Media Marketing Courses

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10 Technology and Social Media Documentaries For Marketers

Are you one of those people whose eyes glaze over every time they read about crafting the perfect marketing campaign or embracing technologies? Then you’re not the only one. Many of us prefer visual learning. When used correctly, it’s a powerful technique enabling our brains to make cognitive connections. Visual learning also provides flexibility, allowing … Read more

How a Candle Company Uses Social Media to Drive a Better Customer Experience

The best marketers today are building loyal fans by engaging with their audience in the comments and in messages. By approaching every conversation with genuine interest, they are leveraging social media to drive a remarkable and unforgettable customer experience that has fans coming back over and over again. But how exactly can you create this … Read more

National Geographic Social Campaign Takes Aim at Cheetah Cub Trafficking

Cheetah cubs are adorable, but they are not meant to be pets, and #ThinkBeforeYouLike, a new social media campaign from National Geographic, is aimed at driving that point home. National Geographic animals desk executive editor Rachael Bale told Adweek, “When someone on Instagram posts a photo of them with their ‘pet’ cheetah, it gets a…

A Cross-Discipline Approach to B2B Social Media Strategy

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this feature! Social media is now a mature practice integral to the success of virtually every B2B organization. But, although other key marketing communication disciplines have clear “owners”—advertising is responsible for “paid,” public relations for “earned,” and marketing for “owned”—social media doesn’t have … Read more

Social Media Optimization: 60+ Tips & Tools for Every Platform

With the growing momentum of people wanting to generally connect online, it’s no wonder that businesses spend about 15-25% of their advertising budget* on just social media. But organic social media marketing is just as important as paid efforts. Paid or organic, it’s not enough to just set up your social profiles and let them sit … Read more

How To Save Time Planning and Creating Social Media Content

There’s no denying that content creation is time-consuming. You have to think of what to post, create a graphic, write a caption, choose hashtags, post the content, and engage with your audience in the comments—and then do it all again, and again, and again. While the challenges of social media content creation may feel daunting, … Read more