8 [Recent and Unboring] Free Social Media Marketing Courses

More than half of the world’s population uses social media today for just about every aspect of life. This makes it a staple in any digital marketing strategy, but with multiple rapidly evolving platforms, it’s a bit of a beast to harness for business growth. The other problem, as you’ll soon learn, is that finding a free social media marketing … Read more

10 Must-Use LinkedIn Company Page Features (+Examples)

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Social Media Optimization: 60+ Tips & Tools for Every Platform

With the growing momentum of people wanting to generally connect online, it’s no wonder that businesses spend about 15-25% of their advertising budget* on just social media. But organic social media marketing is just as important as paid efforts. Paid or organic, it’s not enough to just set up your social profiles and let them sit … Read more

2 Smart Strategies to Generate Leads on Facebook in iOS 14

iOS 14 has certainly lived up to the headache that it was predicted to be for several months. Between domain verification and aggregated event management, your average Facebook advertiser will certainly feel lost in the new iteration of the advertising platform. I’ve even seen experienced marketers scratching their heads as the hoops Facebook now makes … Read more