PUBG Mobile Surpasses $7 Billion in Lifetime Revenue, Generating an Average $8.1 Million Per Day in 2021

PUBG Mobile from Tencent has surpassed $7 billion in worldwide lifetime player spending across the App Store and Google Play following a recording quarter in Q3 2021, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows. So far this year, PUBG Mobile, combined with player spending from the Chinese localization of the title, Game for Peace, has accumulated … Read more

15 Best Sales Tools That’ll Truly Improve Your Revenue in 2021

Selling anything is hard — well, depending on what you’re selling and how you’re selling it.

In most cases, the process gets much simpler if you’re equipped with the right sales tools. That’s why business owners always look for solutions that’ll help them fill up their pipelines with leads, increase reps’ efficiency, and finally increase their sales revenue.

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These Tactical Black Friday Ad Campaign Tips Can Increase Your Revenue 200%

There’s no better time than the Black Friday season to boost your sales. From product launches to store-wide promotions, businesses ramp up their sales and marketing efforts during this time to match the high customer demand.  Not sure where to start? Black Friday ad campaigns are one of the quickest way to drive revenue. Do … Read more

Global App Revenue Climbed 15% Year-Over-Year in Q3 2021 to Nearly $34 Billion

Worldwide consumer spending and first-time installs of mobile apps climbed to $33.6 billion and 35.7 billion, respectively, across Apple’s App Store and Google Play in the third quarter of 2021, preliminary Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals. The mobile market has experienced continued lift during the ongoing pandemic, although year-over-year growth has slowed since the … Read more

How app developers can optimize ads revenue during COVID-19

Increase operational efficiency with automated features  Maximize revenue from multiple networks with mediation Waterfall management takes up a lot of time and manual work. Ad Network Optimization offers an easy solution to help you automate that process and free up time to spend on other areas of your business. This feature automatically pulls in the freshest CPM … Read more

Helping publishers manage consent with Funding Choices

Consent management, or the process of gathering and managing user privacy and data choices, has become increasingly important as more regions around the world enact privacy regulations. For publishers to continue funding their businesses with advertising, while respecting the privacy of their users, many are implementing a consent management solution. To help publishers gather and … Read more

Earn more ads revenue this holiday season with engaging ad formats from Google AdMob

Optimize performance with adaptive banners Adaptive banners offer an easy and effective way for app publishers to enhance the performance of banner ads. With the ability to return the optimal ad size tailored for each user’s device, adaptive banners can help publishers maximize the performance of banner ads with minimal coding. Adaptive banners can be … Read more

Find the right Certified Publishing Partner

How Certified Partners can help Our Certified Partners are experts on Google monetization products and provide innovative solutions and services to support over 50,000 publishers worldwide across all sizes and verticals including news, lifestyle, fashion, gaming and food, among other content categories. Our partners are highly trained and aware of the different challenges that publishers … Read more