Google Explains How To Hide A Website From Search Results

Google says the best way to hide a website from search results is with a password, but there are other options you can consider. This subject is spotlighted in the latest installment of the Ask Googlebot video series on YouTube. Google’s John Mueller responds to a question asking how to prevent content from getting indexed … Read more

SNAP blames Apple for weaker advertising results; company loses $32 billion in value

In a snap, the valuation of SNAP, the parent company of social media app Snapchat, declined by a whopping $32 billion reports CNBC. That’s because the stock lost a whopping 27% on Friday (dropping $20.04 or 26.66% to $55.14) after releasing its third-quarter earnings after trading hours on Thursday. For the quarter, the company reported … Read more

Can We Trust View-Through Conversions? (Experiment Results!)

Because display ads tend to have low conversion rates, many advertisers (or their clients) are quick to question their effectiveness and profitability. The truth is, display ads can have a strong positive impact on your conversion rates—but oftentimes indirectly, making it hard to track or measure. One metric designed to help us out with that … Read more

Instagram finally working on showing real content in its search results page

A new update to Instagram and the way its search functionality works brings a long-awaited way to show relevant results to you when you search the app, reports TheNextWeb. In a blog post announcement, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri has revealed the company is now working on a “full search result page”, which will make searching … Read more

The 5 Biggest Changes in SEO That Are Hurting Your Results

Google makes over 4,500 changes to their algorithm every year. So it’s fair to say that SEO changes fast.  Sure, many of the fundamentals of SEO (like optimizing your site’s on-page SEO and building backlinks) haven’t changed that much over the last few years.  But there are a handful of significant changes to SEO that … Read more