Get ready to bid farewell to Google Reminders

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority TL;DR Google will be migrating Google Assistant and Calendar Reminders into Google Tasks. There is no set date for a full mandatory swap from Reminders to Tasks. If you’re someone who uses Google Calendar Reminders to create and view reminders, then you’ll be in for a bit of a surprise … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: Ready for adventure

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a powerful wearable that refines Samsung’s smartwatch formula with a stronger build, longer battery life, and new fitness tracking features, while continuing to deliver a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive app suite. While several exciting new launches on the horizon could challenge the status … Read more

Paid Search in a Cookieless World: Are you Ready?

A cookieless world: What will this major shakeup do for your business or clients? What impact will this hit to digital advertising have on lead quality from your paid marketing campaigns? The elimination of third-party cookies means Google will become even more of a walled garden. How will you adapt to overcome this change? On … Read more

How To Know When You’re Ready To Start And Stop Writing

3. You’re finished but keep tweaking You might find yourself endlessly going back to a piece and “just changing a sentence here” or “adding a word or two there”. It’s easy to feel like your content is never finished, but sometimes you just have to stop and draw a line under it. If you’ve gone back to a blog … Read more

Clipboard PRO App Review- Keeps Notes Ready to Use Always

Finding information such as credit card details, email addresses, and more every time you need them can give you a headache, especially if all the data is spread at different locations. Thus, the top clipboard app for iPhone, Clipboard PRO is the perfect solution that you need. The Clipboard iOS app allows you to save … Read more