Spotify starts serving interactive ads to podcast listeners

After investing big in podcasts, Spotify is trying to recoup some of that investment through ads. Starting this week, Spotify users listening to podcasts will be getting interactive ads that the streaming service refers to as CTA cards. These CTA cards are “the latest step in Spotify’s vision for the future of audio as an … Read more

How To Amplify Your Podcast (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Ideas)

Podcasting takes work. It’s not enough to simply turn on the microphones, put on a pair of headphones, interview a CEO, and post it online. You’ve invested so many resources in the podcast content before a producer presses the record button – it only makes sense to do more with every episode you create. And … Read more

A Real Reel on Instagram, an Award Mockumentary, and a Meta Podcast

This week, the NAACP gets real (in Reels) with its latest public service campaign. A creative awards program shows the humor in excuses with mockumentary-style videos. And Flipboard finds a fresh angle for a new podcast. NAACP gets real The NAACP turned to Instagram to meet its target audience for a student debt campaign. But … Read more

7 Quick & Easy Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

By Kelsey Johnson September 14, 2021 Creating a podcast takes a lot of time — you deserve to make some money from it. Check out these quick & easy strategies to monetize your podcast via sponsorships, listener donations, and more! Podcasting is an incredibly rewarding way to share your expertise. When you hit milestones like … Read more