Using performance class to optimize your user experience

Posted by Don Turner, Developer Relations Engineer, and Francois Goldfain, Director of Android Media Framework   Today we’re launching the Jetpack Core Performance library in alpha. This library enables you to easily understand what a device is capable of, and tailor your user experience accordingly. It does this by allowing you to obtain the device’s … Read more

The App Marketing Snack with Jeremy Widdowson, Performance Marketing Manager at Rovio ⎮ Episode 5

Let’s talk about marketing a branded mobile game and the importance of creatives (and being bold with your strategies) with this episode’s guest: Jeremy Widdowson, Performance Marketing Manager at Rovio. Below is the full transcript of the video above. My name is Jeremy Widdowson, I’m working at Rovio currently as a performance marketing manager. How … Read more

Improving App Performance with Baseline Profiles

Or how to improve startup time by up to 40% Posted by Kateryna Semenova, DevRel Engineer; Rahul Ravikumar, Software Engineer; Chris Craik, Software Engineer Why is startup time important? A lot of apps find correlation between app performance and user engagement. People expect apps to be responsive and fast to load. Startup time is one … Read more

A Technical SEO Guide To Lighthouse Performance Metrics

Maybe you’re here because you’re a die-hard fan of performance metrics. Or maybe you don’t know what Lighthouse is and are too afraid to ask. Either is an excellent option. Welcome! Together, we’re hoping to take your performance improvement efforts from “make all the numbers green” to some clear and meaningful action items. Note: This … Read more

Google News performance report updated for accuracy, expect impression reductions

Google, on December 9th, has updated the news performance report in Google Search Console “to make it more accurate,” the company said. This update may result in a drop in the number of impressions you’d normally expect to see in this report. It is important to note that this is just a reporting change and … Read more

3 Email Newsletter Best-Practices for Content Performance

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this feature! Many companies and brands consistently make useful, informative content… which then merely sits on a website, hidden on a page that takes too many clicks to find. Marketers who want to get more out of their content, including blog posts, need … Read more

Google Ads API supports Performance Max campaigns, Keyword Planner and recommendations

Google Ads API supports Performance Max campaigns, Keyword Planner and recommendations Your privacy means the world to us. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time. Learn more by viewing our privacy policy.Ok

App performance to drive app excellence

Posted by Maru Ahues Bouza, Director Android Developer Relations In our previous blog post in this series, we defined app excellence as “creating an app that provides consistent, effortless, and seamless app user experiences. It is high performing and provides a great experience, no matter the device being used.” Let’s focus on the concept of … Read more

Employee Advocacy Can Improve Content Marketing Performance

Content is a powerful way for marketers to get their unique voice across. And what better way to showcase your passion for content than to put its creation in the hands of your employees? Organizations are embracing employee advocacy in content marketing, and 86% of employees participating in such programs describe the impact on their … Read more