Everything you need to know about Product Page Customization

Announced in June 2021, during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference event, custom product pages (or CPP as they’ve already been dubbed by the ASO community) are Apple’s latest highly expected feature. It didn’t come with the release of iOS 15, showing up instead a few months later in December.  It’s finally here, but what is … Read more

Landing Page Best Practices To Land A Million Views

  Landing page best practices aims to convert website visitors into leads and collect contact information in a form. A homepage with a form on it cannot be counted as a landing page as it serves other purposes as well. We’ve all clicked through ads that look interesting or when we need more information. But … Read more

Generate More Leads With These 3 White Paper Landing Page Examples

White papers are content marketing powerhouses for business-to-business (B2B) companies. We’re not just sayin’ it: 62% of the most successful B2B marketers think white papers are the most valuable type of content. On the customer side, 71% of B2B buyers use white papers to inform their purchases. But you can only benefit from your white … Read more

Your Landing Page Guide to Marketing by Location

So you’re planning your next marketing campaign and you’ve identified your target audience. Good stuff. But, as you use that audience profile in your marketing plan, something might seem off. After all, if you imagine another company marketing to you, wouldn’t it feel weird to be lumped into one big group of people you don’t … Read more

16 Great (and Not So Great) Thank You Page Examples to Learn From

The worst feeling is when you think your work is complete, but it’s really just begun. You spent all this time prepping an email or building out an ad only to find out that, yes it’s working fine, but it’s missing something… Don’t let this happen to your thank you pages! A thank you page … Read more

What’s More Important to Your Landing Page Success?

If you’re a time-strapped marketer, you probably often ask yourself: “Should I spend more time perfecting the written copy or tweaking the visual design of my landing page?” Designing a landing page can be daunting. If it’s not your area of expertise, making your landing page look the part becomes time-consuming and frustrating—even expensive, particularly … Read more

5 Ways to Use Scarcity on Your Landing Page to Boost Your Sales

Remember when rap group Wu-Tang Clan sold that single copy of their album for a whopping $2 million? Now, imagine people flocking for your product like it’s the new Wu-Tang jam. Well, you don’t have to imagine it. You can turn it into reality by using scarcity, the same principle that spurred the excitement around … Read more

Why you should localize your app’s listing page creatives

Localization is often an underrated tool of App Store Optimization. However, making sure that your listing page is easily accessible and understandable for every potential user is a necessity. Of course, before starting to localize and translate your app’s listing pages assets, you should ensure that your app is also localized and can offer the … Read more