WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram- A War Between Top Messaging Apps

Communication, thanks to the evolving technology, has changed and become much easier within a decade compared to before. From texts to emojis making conversations funnier, communication apps have also become an important companion of our daily lives. These apps are keeping us in touch with our friends, families, colleagues, and more. On top of that, … Read more

How Caringbridge Makes Human-centered Product and Messaging Decisions Through Usability Testing

Behind every business decision is the need to please and delight customers. Customers who are just regular people, navigating choices that are often based on emotion. In fact, when making decisions, people tend to gravitate toward the emotional experiences they get from products, partnerships, and services much more often than they do cold facts and … Read more

Making it easier for publishers to manage privacy and messaging

Configure your ad serving controls The privacy & messaging tab makes it easy to configure your ad serving controls for privacy regulations. These controls, which were previously located in the Admin tab in Ad Manager and the Blocking Controls tab for AdMob, have now migrated to the privacy & messaging tab so that you can … Read more