What Google’s Enhanced Autocomplete Box Means For SEO

Sometime in December, SEO experts started noticing that Google was low-key testing out a new feature inside its search box. It’s an expanded version of the box that we’re calling the enhanced autocomplete box. Over in the box’s right column, Google pulls the top three People also ask questions, and a People also search for … Read more

What Employee Ownership Means for Trident Cafe and Booksellers

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to rage in March 2020, Trident Booksellers and Cafe in Boulder, Colorado faced a similar challenge to small businesses around the world: how to stay afloat. Employees wanted an honest financial picture of what was happening with their employer. They also had tons of ideas on how to keep … Read more

What TikTok Shopping Means for the Growing Social Commerce

The growth of TikTok has been phenomenal. What started as an oddball social platform to showcase dancing and dubbing talent is now blooming as a powerpack platform to influence sales. There are tons of TikTok marketing case studies that prove the power of TikTok in driving shopping trends and inspiring sales through creators and content. … Read more

What the Privacy Battle Upending the Internet Means for You

The internet is changing, including how much we pay for content and the ads and brands we see. That’s because Apple and Google, two hugely influential tech companies, are rolling out privacy protections that hinder marketers from gaining access to our data when they show us ads. The changes have major repercussions for online advertising, … Read more

Expanded Text Ads Are Over. Here’s What It Means

Back in March when Google replaced expanded text ads (ETAs) with responsive search ads (RSAs) as the default ad type for Search campaigns, we all had a feeling that ETAs might be on their way out. And sure enough, on August 31, Google announced that it is sunsetting ETAs as of June 30, 2022. Reactions … Read more