The Top 100 Content Marketers You Need To Follow Right Now

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How fast feedback helps marketers understand unmet audience needs

As marketers, it can be tricky to know if a campaign will land (or not) prior to launch. Often we rely on click-through rates and conversions after going live, but that’s after time and money are hopefully well spent. Sure, there are some proactive ways of testing, like AB testing, that can help you pivot … Read more

How Social Media Marketers successfully Run Livestream Stores

Social Media has come a long way since the days of teaching ourselves basic HTML and editing a top friends list on a MySpace page. Despite the controversial recent changes many platforms are turning social into more of an e-commerce platform—ahem, Instagram—the change is starting to be accepted, utilized, and social media marketers are beginning … Read more

10 Technology and Social Media Documentaries For Marketers

Are you one of those people whose eyes glaze over every time they read about crafting the perfect marketing campaign or embracing technologies? Then you’re not the only one. Many of us prefer visual learning. When used correctly, it’s a powerful technique enabling our brains to make cognitive connections. Visual learning also provides flexibility, allowing … Read more

5 visual marketing trends all marketers should know in 2021

Visual-centric content and media dominates the digital marketing space today. Online marketing is built around videos, motion graphics, and many other forms of visual and interactive content. The use of visual content has created other industries to support developing the content. The use of visual content in marketing is referred to as visual marketing. The … Read more

5 Steps for Marketers to Prepare for the Coming Cookie Disruption

Is there any connection between a marketer and a 4-year-old kid? Guess what? They both love cookies. Marketers have been tracking website visitors, logins, shopping carts, and more with these cookies. But lately, cookies, these tiny text files with small pieces of data, are in real danger. Google announced the end of third-party cookies on … Read more

TikTok for marketers – Apptamin

TikTok ranks at the top of the app industry as the fastest-growing, most downloaded app in the world. It’s shaping culture, redefining social media and sparking conversations amongst its users. For businesses, it can be an advertising haven and can increase the company’s brand awareness and user acquisition. TikTok started as a short-form video creating … Read more