Google Maps traffic triples in Ukraine

As noted by 9to5Google, Google’s Transparency reports are designed to show “how the policies and actions of governments and corporations affect privacy, security, and access to information online.” And the policies and actions of the government in Russia, by invading Ukraine, are having an effect on the demand for information available online in the latter … Read more

Google testing questions and answers in the Google Maps interface

Google is testing displaying the questions and answers feature in the Google Maps interface that it initially launched in 2017 for local panels in Google Search. Now some are able to see the questions and answers box in Google Maps local listings for businesses, although I cannot personally replicate this. What it looks like. Allie … Read more

CARROT Weather Update Brings Redesigned Weather Maps and More

Most notably, the weather maps have been completely redesigned. The new maps focus on readability and quick loading. You can select from six different styles and toggle between a 3D globe and 2D map. You can now also view data from individual radar stations. Those stations update more frequently and provide more detail. For anyone … Read more

Google Maps takes drivers down a potentially fatal route following a major snowstorm

By most accounts, Google Maps does a damn good job navigating from point “A” to point “B,” helping users safely get to their destination in the fastest possible time. And once you get to that destination, Google Maps will tell you where to go for dinner, the must-see places in that city, and where you … Read more

Google Maps’ bug prevents useful feature from working perfectly

Google Maps has a location-sharing feature that allows you to share your location with others. Users can set a time limit that shuts down this peek at your current location after the set time period has been reached. Or, the user can decide to keep this information available by choosing the setting that shares the … Read more

“The Ghost of Google Maps” has been frightening both iOS and Android users of the app

According to Google Maps users on Twitter and Reddit, a mysterious male voice can be heard coming from the app. The voice is deep and has an Indian accent. One Reddit user with the handle u/couverando1984 explains what happened to him. “Hi. I use the English voice and it’s normally a woman’s voice. On my … Read more

Google Maps is giving out potentially fatal directions to mountain climbers

When Apple launched its own mapping and navigation app in iOS 6, the goal was to replace Google Maps on the iPhone. But Apple Maps was such a fiasco that just weeks after the launch, CEO Tim Cook apologized for Apple Maps’ shortcomings and suggested that iOS users turn to alternatives like Google Maps, Waze, … Read more