16 Great (and Not So Great) Thank You Page Examples to Learn From

The worst feeling is when you think your work is complete, but it’s really just begun. You spent all this time prepping an email or building out an ad only to find out that, yes it’s working fine, but it’s missing something… Don’t let this happen to your thank you pages! A thank you page … Read more

How To Choose Which Programming Languages To Learn For Mobile App Development

In software development, if we need to choose a language for a project, we need to ask a few questions to ourselves before we make any decision.   For example what kind of project is it? scalability of the application, the complexity of the application, development budget, development time limit, application security, available resources, etc. The project team always wants the application to … Read more

You’ll be surprised to learn the most popular term searched for on Bing

During the summer of 2018, the European Commission fined Google $5 billion for forcing phone manufacturers wanting to install Android on their devices to include Google’s search engine and browser on these handsets. In other words, Google was telling these companies that if they wanted the Google version of Android (which is open-source, after all), … Read more

Europe’s Quick Commerce Firms Should Learn From China

Across Europe around 10 firms compete in the instant grocery delivery business. Together they have raised more than $2 billion and half of them were established in the year of the pandemic (2020). Successful and well-funded online food-delivery platforms are jumping into the fray to offer dedicated grocery delivery services. However, the Chinese market proves … Read more

Why Did Hubspot Buy The Hustle (And What Can We Learn From This)?

Hubspot recently acquired The Hustle in a deal that’s rumored to be valued between $25 to $30 million. Why would a leading tech company want to purchase a newsletter? This acquisition may seem odd at face value, but both companies actually form the perfect marriage in today’s digital landscape. Let’s find out exactly why Hubspot … Read more

What Email Designers Can Learn From Web Developers

Email design has lagged behind website design for years. Largely, this is because email clients have not optimized as quickly to the changing digital design landscape (especially the rise of responsive design).  However, in the past five years, email clients have begun to support capabilities initially reserved for the web. Most notably was the announcement … Read more

Learn While Playing the Sliding Tile Game Kanji Swipe

While you’ll enjoy the sliding puzzle, it also teaches how to how to write Kanji, one of the three writing systems used in the Japanese language. To play, you’ll swipe the screen to make new tiles with strokes appear. Combine them according to the order of store in Kanji. Keep adding strokes to complete the … Read more

Join the North America Android Study Jams to learn more about developing quality Android apps

Posted by Kübra Zengin, Program Manager Learning about Android development doesn’t mean you have to learn by yourself. Join fellow developers in your community and improve your skills by attending an Android Study Jam! Events are currently taking place across North America. Android Study Jams are community events where developers come together to learn, create, … Read more

The Lesson to Learn From Apple’s Tool to Flag Child Sex Abuse

As we all put more of our photos, documents and videos online, how much of that data really belongs to us anymore? That’s the question many are now pondering because of a change coming to iPhones. The debate has implications for online privacy and government surveillance and underlines how the storage of our digital data … Read more