Upsizing Your Social Media Marketing: How Brands Generate More Leads

The marketing world keeps emitted with the time and introduction of technologies. Marketing is so much more nuanced than just “product promotion” and “brand engagement”. Indeed, when we talk about marketing, multiple layers exist, but when it comes to lead generation, marketers can’t overlook social media platforms. Whether you follow traditional marketing techniques or opt … Read more

8 Amazing White Paper Examples To Generate More Leads

Generating a constant flow of marketing qualified leads is part and parcel of every marketer’s job. But generating leads, let alone quality ones, is a tough nut to crack. How to attract the person standing in the middle of your funnel exposed to multiple options? How can you deepen the connection and build trust in … Read more

2 Smart Strategies to Generate Leads on Facebook in iOS 14

iOS 14 has certainly lived up to the headache that it was predicted to be for several months. Between domain verification and aggregated event management, your average Facebook advertiser will certainly feel lost in the new iteration of the advertising platform. I’ve even seen experienced marketers scratching their heads as the hoops Facebook now makes … Read more