Google is testing a split screen Gboard virtual keyboard for larger and foldable displays

Google is reportedly testing a new look for the Gboard virtual keyboard that would join together with Android 12L to improve the large-screen tablet and foldable experience on Android devices. A recent screen found in the Gboard beta showed how the virtual Android keyboard could be split vertically down the middle. In Android 6 Marshmallow, … Read more

Shift Keyboard for Apple Watch Adds New Features

With the move to version 5.0, the keyboard now offers smart autocorrect and a suggestions algorithms will ensure what you mean to type is what appears. The app will predict what it thinks you’re typing after every key press. An improved swipe keyboard will more accurately accept swipes and predict whaat you’re typing. As a … Read more

WindowInsets Handling & Keyboard Animations [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>Until now keyboards and Androids seemed to go in opposite directions. There was no API you could query to learn if the keyboard was open or to know its size. When the keyboard popped up, the screen and views would automatically rearrange themselves without a smooth transition.</p> <p>In this course learn how to interact with … Read more