Home Decor Shopping Apps for iOS

DecorMatters, Inc. Love home decorating and designing? Over 6 million decorators like you are using our app to virtually decorate any space and unleash creativity at your fingertips. Join our leading creative community to experience more! Discover and Socialize• Stay up to date with the latest home decor trends, DIYs, and tips• Interact with other … Read more

TrypScore App Review – Best Driver Safety App For Android/ iOS

In the society of meeting deadlines, everyone is rushing off, half-walking and half-running, and over-speeding just to grab a seat in the meeting room or reach some destination. Due to this reason, several developed countries like the United States suffer so many fatal motor vehicle crashes all around the year, in fact, every day. Did … Read more

Apple iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection Open Rate Trends

By Tom Kulzer October 1, 2021 Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) rollout in iOS 15 has Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) rollout in iOS 15 has caused fascinating changes in open rate metrics. The most interesting of which is the change in behavior of when we see opens being detected. Let’s dive into a few … Read more

iOS 15 sees some Siri requests disappear

Source: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore Multiple reports indicate that some Siri requests no longer appear to be supported by Apple in iOS 15. As noted by MacRumors, Siri no longer seems to support a series of commands pertaining to checking and playing voicemails, call history, or sending an email. Specifically: Do I have any voicemails? … Read more

Siri loses the ability to help the blind use their iPhones after the release of iOS 15

The accessibility menu is where you’ll find features that Apple added to iOS to help those with hearing and vision problems use an iPhone. From that menu, you can add hearing aid compatibility, toggle on the Sound Recognition feature that sends an alert when certain sounds like a fire or smoke alarm go off. Other … Read more

“The Ghost of Google Maps” has been frightening both iOS and Android users of the app

According to Google Maps users on Twitter and Reddit, a mysterious male voice can be heard coming from the app. The voice is deep and has an Indian accent. One Reddit user with the handle u/couverando1984 explains what happened to him. “Hi. I use the English voice and it’s normally a woman’s voice. On my … Read more

Asians Downloaded More Apps than Anyone Else in the World

October 11, 2019 2 min read More users in Asia Pacific are downloading new apps on their smartphones than anywhere else in the world, a recent study conducted by mobile data analytics firm, Adjust, said, adding Indonesia showed the most robust growth in the region. The increase in app downloads in Indonesia was spurred by … Read more