20 Interactive Content Examples With High Engagement

Examples of interactive quizzes Quizzes have long been a favourite engagement tool, particularly on Facebook. The most shared quiz published during the last 5 years has gotten a total of 5.5 million social interactions, almost all of them from Facebook. Of all the interactive content types, quizzes are the most ubiquitous. They can vary from … Read more

Spotify starts serving interactive ads to podcast listeners

After investing big in podcasts, Spotify is trying to recoup some of that investment through ads. Starting this week, Spotify users listening to podcasts will be getting interactive ads that the streaming service refers to as CTA cards. These CTA cards are “the latest step in Spotify’s vision for the future of audio as an … Read more

How to Use Interactive Content in Visual Storytelling

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this feature! A picture’s worth a thousand words, but interactive content says even more than static images. Let’s explore the power of visual content. Let’s also look at the benefits it offers your business presentations and lecture materials … Read more