Google’s note-taking app Keep to finally add text formatting options

Google Keep is one of the most popular note-taking apps out there. Released in 2013, it managed to gain more than one billion downloads on the Play Store. But although it’s one of the most preferred apps for taking notes, it’s still quite bare-bones when it comes to features. Unlike Samsung Notes, which is another … Read more

Google’s Privacy Sandbox is coming to Android, what does it mean?

Apple’s ATT threw a wrench in every app marketers plan for 2021. Will 2022 be the same for Google? Probably not. It’s been a while since Google first announced their Privacy Sandbox project, however, the changes were first aimed at their browser: Google Chrome. In February 2022, they announced that the Privacy Sandbox would come … Read more

Is Author Expertise Important To Google’s Algorithm?

Google’s John Mueller answered whether a content author’s expertise was important to Google’s algorithm because this plays such an important role in the Quality Raters Guidelines. John answered that he assumed there was some indirect work done on author expertise but noted that it was a “fuzzy area.” E-A-T and Google’s Algorithm It’s established already … Read more

Google’s Privacy Sandbox seeks to reduce tracking of users on Android and the Web

The release of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) in iOS 14.5 allowed iOS users to opt-out of being tracked by third-party apps and websites. Those who opted out of tracking would no longer receive customized ads. Meta, one of the first to moan about ATT when it was announced, is going to lose $10 billion … Read more

Smule Adopts Google’s Oboe to Improve Recording Quality & Completion Rates

Posted by the Smule Engineering team: David Gayle, Chris Manchester, Mark Gills, Trayko Traykov, Randal Leistikow, Mariya Ivanova. Executive Summary As the most downloaded singing app of all time, Smule Inc. has been investing on Android to improve the overall audio quality audio and more specifically to improve the lower latency, i.e. allowing singers to … Read more

What Google’s Enhanced Autocomplete Box Means For SEO

Sometime in December, SEO experts started noticing that Google was low-key testing out a new feature inside its search box. It’s an expanded version of the box that we’re calling the enhanced autocomplete box. Over in the box’s right column, Google pulls the top three People also ask questions, and a People also search for … Read more

Google’s Core Web Vitals – What Marketers Should Know

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this feature! If you’re in marketing or SEO, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Google’s “new” search ranking metric set called the Core Web Vitals. CWVs aren’t new, however: They indicate the latest trend in performance marketing—a user-centric view that considers how site speed and … Read more

Google’s [Disputed] Changes to Keyword Matching Rules Explained

Google’s latest announcement may be the most confusing one yet. Not like it’s Display ad announcement where we’re left questioning why it was even announced and exactly what is different. But more so because it involves match types, which, between quotations and parentheses, exact matches and close variants, requires some brain gymnastics no matter how experienced … Read more