Google’s Core Web Vitals – What Marketers Should Know

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this feature! If you’re in marketing or SEO, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Google’s “new” search ranking metric set called the Core Web Vitals. CWVs aren’t new, however: They indicate the latest trend in performance marketing—a user-centric view that considers how site speed and … Read more

Google’s [Disputed] Changes to Keyword Matching Rules Explained

Google’s latest announcement may be the most confusing one yet. Not like it’s Display ad announcement where we’re left questioning why it was even announced and exactly what is different. But more so because it involves match types, which, between quotations and parentheses, exact matches and close variants, requires some brain gymnastics no matter how experienced … Read more

South Korea passes a bill that takes big bucks out of Apple and Google’s hands; will others follow?

South Korea finally was able to do something to Apple and Google that other countries are hoping to do. As the Wall Street Journal reports, South Korea’s National Assembly on Tuesday passed a bill that forces Apple and Google to allow the use of alternative payment platforms for the App Store and Google Play Store, … Read more

Google’s New Technology Helps Create Powerful Ranking-Algorithms

Google has announced the release of improved technology that makes it easier and faster to research and develop new algorithms that can be deployed quickly. This gives Google the ability to rapidly create new anti-spam algorithms, improved natural language processing and ranking related algorithms and be able to get them into production faster than ever. … Read more

Google’s New 3-Strike Policy – The Checks & Balances

Google announced a 3-strike policy, which would effectively suspend ad accounts that have received repeated violations. The new policy was met with concern from advertisers as the system incorrectly flags ad content as breaking policy fairly frequently. There was speculation about the number of ad accounts that could receive undeserving suspensions. However, Google does have … Read more