How to Create a Social Media Strategy on a Budget: 6 Steps to Follow

An effective social media strategy can do wonders for a brand. So much so that now almost every business dedicates a portion of their revenue to social media marketing alone. And this is where small businesses working on tight budgets find themselves waging an uphill battle against the bigwigs of social media. After all, with … Read more

The Top 100 Content Marketers You Need To Follow Right Now

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Which Social Media Trends Should You Follow and Which Should You Drop

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South Korea passes a bill that takes big bucks out of Apple and Google’s hands; will others follow?

South Korea finally was able to do something to Apple and Google that other countries are hoping to do. As the Wall Street Journal reports, South Korea’s National Assembly on Tuesday passed a bill that forces Apple and Google to allow the use of alternative payment platforms for the App Store and Google Play Store, … Read more