How to Craft Engaging Posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

No two social media posts should be the same. There’s a good reason for that – no two social media platforms are the same. While ‘connecting and sharing with people’ lies at the core of every platform, each one is unique in many ways – Twitter is for updates, Facebook is for keeping in touch … Read more

Facebook Business Suite – Everything You Need to Know About in 2022

Facebook has been around for over a decade, and in that time, it’s become the most popular social media platform on the planet. With over 2 billion active users, it’s no wonder why so many businesses have started using Facebook to promote their products and services. But as Facebook continues to evolve, what does that … Read more

How to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns With Facebook Link Ads

Facebook has more than 2.9 billion users worldwide, giving marketers a huuuge audience. But if you’ve ever tried to advertise on Facebook, you’ve seen that you can choose from a bunch of different ad formats. So which one should you choose and try out? May we suggest—hint, hint—giving link ads a shot? Why? Because Facebook … Read more

Facebook bets on privacy and remodels its ad system

While privacy is setting up to be the topic of the decade, the social network clearly positioned itself against Apple’s latest privacy measures. Now they’re the ones implementing a new set of rules with something they called “privacy-enhancing technologies”.  Is it finally the end of Meta’s long-running fight against privacy? Facebook and privacy When Apple … Read more

Should Your Business Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook isn’t the best advertising platform for every business. The way to know if it’s right for your business is to understand who your customer avatar is, where they hang out, and what type of product you have. Your Business Should Be Advertising On Facebook Facebook marketing is beneficial for many different kinds of businesses. … Read more

10 Proven Facebook Product Post Types (From Top Brands)

If a person “Likes” your Facebook Page, it means they are interested in your business and products. But they’re not exclusively interested in your products, so you shouldn’t be shouting “Buy! Buy! Buy!’ all the time. Yet, you do want to get your products seen, loved, and sold. So how can businesses like yours … Read more

If you receive a Facebook email for enabling Facebook Protect, don’t worry

If you receive an email or have recently received an email from Facebook telling you to enable Facebook Protect, or you will be locked out of your account, don’t worry. The email is indeed from Facebook, and it isn’t a phishing attempt, as many have thought. Facebook recently began sending such emails to some of … Read more

Meta Expands Facebook Reels to More Than 150 Countries

Meta is doubling down on Facebook Reels as a competitor for the hugely popular TikTok by expanding the program to more than 150 countries and adding editing and monetization properties. TikTok is a powerhouse in terms of customer reach for regular users and brands with more than a billion active users. Millions of short videos … Read more

Facebook is trying to replace TikTok with new Reels

When Meta accused Apple of costing the company ten billion dollars a few weeks back, Facebook had also shared some of its growth plans for the coming future. Part of its ten billion-dollar restructuring strategy, Zuckerberg stated, included initiating a “transition on our own services towards short form video like Reels.” According to a report … Read more

Meta warns that it’s possible to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has warned that it may need to shut down its Facebook, Instagram, and other products and services in Europe if it is unable to process user data on both US-based and Europe-based servers (via Pocketnow). The warning comes after a change in European laws requiring users’ data to be kept … Read more