Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Let Fans Get That Close With Steve & Travis

Musicians, friends and collaborators Steve Aoki and Travis Barker reconnected via a video chat on Messenger From Facebook, and the result was That Close With Steve & Travis. The virtual performance is available exclusively via the Watch Together feature on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, and it features tracks including “Boneless,” “Halfway Dead” and “Why Are…

3 Video Content Takeaways From Salesforce, TikTok, and Facebook

This week, Salesforce makes a move to get its own “+.” A Facebook-commissioned study looks at the impact difference between video and static images. And a TikTok executive talks about brand success on the world’s most downloaded social media app. Salesforce aims for a ‘+’ in streaming In a groundbreaking move, software brand Salesforce is … Read more

Introducing Facebook Page Analyzer And Facebook Pages

Origins and Caudalie have seen between 250 – 650 engagements surrounding their giveaway content — approximately 120% above their average engagement count. This is a clear content opportunity for other skincare brands to take advantage of on Facebook. This method will help you find successful content ideas for Facebook campaigns, time and time again. Work out … Read more

Facebook brings end-to-end encryption to Messenger audio and video calls

Facebook has finally added end-to-end encryption to Messenger voice and video calls, an important feature that many of the rival apps already provide. Starting today, Facebook will roll out the option to make voice and video calls end-to-end encrypted on Messenger. Additionally, smoother controls for disappearing messages will be included in the update too.Messenger users … Read more

2 Smart Strategies to Generate Leads on Facebook in iOS 14

iOS 14 has certainly lived up to the headache that it was predicted to be for several months. Between domain verification and aggregated event management, your average Facebook advertiser will certainly feel lost in the new iteration of the advertising platform. I’ve even seen experienced marketers scratching their heads as the hoops Facebook now makes … Read more