Navigating Our New Normal: 10 Post-Crisis Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Despite the constant predictions of its decline, email marketing still gives businesses a convenient, cost-effective way to connect with their audience, establish trust, provide value, turn leads into sales, and increase Return on Investment (ROI). Even though it’s still one of the strongest and most rewarding marketing strategies that you can leverage, email marketing has … Read more

Ultimate Email Deliverability Guide: 20 Deliverability Hacks [2022]

If you put any time and effort into email marketing (which your business should be doing), then you need to pay careful attention to email deliverability.  Without good email deliverability, your carefully crafted campaigns might end up in spam folders. Nobody will see your emails, and you’ll get no results in return.  Before … Read more

Key Insights From the 2022 Email Marketing Benchmarks Report

Do you want to make sure your email campaigns resonate with your audience and remain impactful in 2022?  Then look no further and dive right in to this freshly updated Email Marketing Benchmarks report that analyzed more than 7 billion emails sent by our customers throughout 2021.  Inside, you’ll find the latest statistics on email marketing, landing … Read more

How to Find the Best Time to Send an Email Newsletter to Your Audience

8 minute read time Campaign Monitor – May 4, 2022 It’s the age-old debate of every email marketing conversation: “when is the best time to send an email newsletter?” The answer is — there isn’t one best time. Yes, you read that right. If you want to increase email engagement rates, it’s not as simple … Read more

Email Bounce Backs – What Are They and How to Fix Them

Email bounce-backs are an essential email marketing metric to understand. Email bounces happen to everyone. Sometimes they can be avoided, and sometimes they can’t. Either way, you want to try to keep bounces as low as possible. It’s important to understand the different types of bounces that exist and why they happen. This will … Read more