Apple one step closer to launching driver’s license support for iPhone

Back at WWDC21, Apple announced a huge feature for the Wallet app on iPhone: support for IDs. Specifically, Apple revealed that it would add support for state and driver’s licenses in the United States. While the company said that the first place to support digital driver’s licenses through the Wallet app would be the TSA, … Read more

Google Maps takes drivers down a potentially fatal route following a major snowstorm

By most accounts, Google Maps does a damn good job navigating from point “A” to point “B,” helping users safely get to their destination in the fastest possible time. And once you get to that destination, Google Maps will tell you where to go for dinner, the must-see places in that city, and where you … Read more

What is a Marketing Strategy and its Leading drivers of Change

Is there a golden classic marketing strategy example that has served brands and businesses for years? Well, no. Successful businesses adapt their strategy constantly. The only way to survive and stay relevant is to embrace change. It is driven by many factors, including the availability of new technologies, changing customer preferences, and transforming the competitive … Read more

Florida drivers, you won’t need to carry around your license anymore

Florida is officially joining the ranks of U.S. states which have agreed to store official ID’s, including driver’s licenses, inside the iPhone’s Apple Wallet, as well as on the Apple Watch. In a fairly recent endeavor by Apple to get its iPhone customers to go fully digital, the Cupertino company has been getting a slew … Read more