Vimeo adds structured data to all public videos to improve Google Search visibility

Vimeo, a popular video hosting platform (obviously not as popular as YouTube), has added structured data to all of its publicly available videos on its platform. Vimeo said the SEO changes they made to the videos will give “your videos the best opportunity to appear for relevant searches.” Google worked with Vimeo? Vimeo wrote that … Read more

Google shares search traffic monitoring dashboard for Data Studio

Google has created a new Data Studio template. You can use Google’s Search traffic monitoring dashboard to quickly see if there are any significant changes to the performance of your most important pages and help uncover whether you may have any potential SEO issues.  Google also announced that its Search Console connector now includes Discover … Read more

Access Android vitals data through the new Play Developer Reporting API

Posted by Lauren Mytton, Product Manager, Google Play   Quality is foundational to your game or app’s success on Google Play, and Android vitals in Google Play Console is a great way to track how your app is performing. In fact, over 80% of the top one thousand developers check Android vitals at least once … Read more

Weight Watchers App Gathered Data From Children, F.T.C. Says

In a statement, Kurbo’s general counsel, Michael Colosi, said the information the company gathered was used only to help users improve their eating habits. The company did not violate COPPA, he said, adding that the settlement was not an admission of wrongdoing. “The limited information received in the free app experience was designed to be … Read more

The Future of Marketing Data Analytics: What You Must Know

Automation and data analytics have become a part of marketing operations. As more companies jump into it, the need to adapt to the changing landscape to remain profitable is increasing. Apart from making profits, companies also need marketing data analytics to improve the consumer experience. By focusing on consumer-centric data, SMEs and corporations can gain … Read more

The Week in Business: A Step Toward Data Privacy

What’s Up? (Feb. 13-19) Google Privacy Changes Google announced on Wednesday that it planned to change its Android smartphone software to limit the sharing of data across apps and with third parties. The other major smartphone software provider, Apple, which has made privacy a selling point, announced new measures last year. But the two companies … Read more