Some versions of Android share users’ personal data with no chance to opt-out

A new report published by researchers at Dublin’s Trinity College (via Gizmodo) examines versions of Google’s Android operating system developed by manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. The researchers discovered that even when the software is “minimally configured” and an Android phone is sitting on a desk not being used at the moment, these Android … Read more

YouTube Introduces ‘Typical Audience Retention’ Data

YouTube is changing the way it reports on audience retention to make it easier for creators to understand what’s working and what’s not. Channels received access to audience retention insights in YouTube Studio last year. This section of YouTube Analytics reports on “key moments” in videos that audiences responded well to. It’s designed to help … Read more

Apple Watch Series 7 supports 60.5GHz data transfer but it is unclear why

The Apple Watch Series 7 has another feature that Apple forgot to mention during its keynote presentation last week. As reported by MacRumors, a recent filing with the FCC reveals that the Apple Watch Series 7 support 60.5GHz wireless data transfers. While this might sound like some kind of technology that could be used for … Read more

Revolutionize Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Big Data

Email marketing is becoming more and more customer-centric with every passing day. And big data is empowering marketers to make giant strides in that direction. Over the last few years, big data analytics has allowed businesses to infuse new vision and order into their operations. Not only has it enabled them to boost their web … Read more

Google Ads Includes Impression Share Data in Custom Columns

Google Ads has announced that impression share data can now be used to create custom columns. Previously, Google Ads had allowed average position to be included in custom columns but after sunsetting average position as a metric in 2019, it was not replaced as an option. Although average position and impression share are different, the … Read more