Matchmaking Influencers, Customers, and Brands with Valerie Viramontes, Media Specialist at V2 Solutions

When it comes to influencer marketing, what’s the secret to creating a win-win-win partnership for the influencer, the customer, and the brand? In today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with Valerie Viramontes, owner and media specialist at V2 Solutions, LLC. After much success in the business world, Valerie has niched down to the health and fitness … Read more

The Best Way to Connect With Your eCommerce Customers with Scott Cunningham [VIDEO]

Scott Cunningham runs Social Lite, a company on a mission to help independent eCommerce businesses compete and scale globally. Scott is the Certified Shopify Expert, “to scale an eCommerce business, you need to depend on repeat customers, brand loyalty, and increased revenue per visitor.” WHAT IS DIGITALMARKETER: DigitalMarketer is the premier online community for … Read more

How to Write a Product Description That Wows Your Customers (With Examples)

If someone asked you to buy their product, your first response would be, “Well, what is it and what does it do?”—right? You gotta know more about what you’re buyin’ before you commit. As the Resident Evil 4 merchant would say, “What’re ya buyin’?” In the ecommerce world, product descriptions give you your answer. They … Read more

Apple Once Again Allows Customers to Report a Problem With an App

First spotted by developer Kosta Eleftheriou on Twitter, a number of app pages now show an option to Report a Problem. Clicking on that button allows users to select a number of different options including the ability to request a refund, report a quality issue, or report a scam or fraud. Apple has recently face … Read more

How Content Marketing Helps To Grab The Customers Attention

Are you looking forward to the best tactic that thoroughly helps you in attracting new customers? If the answer is yes, then the most preferred answer for it is content marketing. No wonder if your mind questions the previous statement. But trust me, in the next few minutes, as you read the entire article, you … Read more

3 Ways to Build Long-Term Relationships With Your Customers

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this feature! For B2B enterprises, producing a great product or reliable service is not enough to succeed. Beyond the transactional experience, customers are looking for an emotional connection, an educational journey, or a unique memory. And now that over three quarters of B2B … Read more

Lowe’s is Asking Customers to ‘Fall Together’ in New Campaign

Lowe’s is beginning its countdown today to the unofficial start of the fall season on Labor Day, Sept. 6, with a new campaign under the hashtag “Fall Together.” This latest creative outreach by the home improvement retailer is several fold, including a contest in which customers vie to be paired with a design influencer and…

Apple’s New Privacy Features: What to Expect and How Pardot Customers Can Adapt

August 19, 2021 | 3 minute read At Salesforce Pardot, we go out of our way to be a privacy champion, providing you the marketing tools you need to be compliant and putting ethics and trust at the forefront of our values. For example: Pardot doesn’t build individual profiles across unrelated internet properties. We avoid … Read more