How to Create Irresistible Copy for Your Top-of-Funnel Landing Page

Let’s talk about a phenomenon called “pitch-slapping.” You research a product through Google and click on a relevant landing page. Before you can even learn more about the product, you get slammed with content trying to pitch you. You hardly even know what they want you to buy, let alone why you should buy it. … Read more

How to Write Engaging Website Copy That Converts

Writing web copy is undisputedly challenging for every copywriter in the world. It takes a long way of experience to deliver a compelling copy that works.   Moreover, not everyone can write a website copy that drives conversions. Many have to pull out a great effort, practice, and inspiration to address messages to convince readers. … Read more

How to Write Better Landing Page Copy in 2021 (With Tips)

When you’re crafting words for your landing page, you’re not just writing. You’re copywriting—writing for conversions. Every character could make or break your landing page. After analyzing the most influential elements for conversion in 40,000 landing pages, Unbounce found that copy (28%) influenced conversion more than two times as much as design (13%) did. Long … Read more