South Korea Forces Apple and Google to Change In-App Payments

South Korea legislators on Tuesday approved the first law in the world that requires app stores to let users pay for in-app purchases through multiple payment systems, a blow to the market dominance of Apple and Google, which opposed the bill. South Korea’s National Assembly passed amendments to the country’s Telecommunications Business Act that prevent … Read more

How Visionary Tech Can Help Prevent Climate Change

Mobile apps and AI might just save mankind. July 26, 2019 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Humans may have opposable thumbs, have invented the iPhone and put a man on the moon, but in terms of our contribution to the planet’s exsitential survival, we’re doing much more damage than good. The … Read more

Google is bringing a huge change to the Play Store

As of this month onwards, Google is completely changing the game when it comes to the development and functionality of applications published on the Google Play store.  Until now, most Android apps have been submitted to the Play Store packaged in the traditional APK format, or Android Package Kit. In this form, an app is … Read more