How A Mobile App Serves As A Brand Marketing Channel

A branded app is a wonderful approach to facilitate brand promotions in a cogent manner. A mobile app as a brand marketing channel gets you higher conversion rates and keeps users engaged. Advertising was considered a prominent marketing channel to promote brands until the recent past. Rapid transformation in the digital landscape has made it … Read more

5 Keys to Naming Your Brand with Stephanie Nivinskus

There are few things more important than choosing the perfect name for your brand. Stephanie Nivinskus knows how to pick the good ones. She has been writing and telling stories since she was 11, and in 2009, she launched her company SizzleForce Marketing (great name, right?). They provide marketing services for small businesses and also teach/train people … Read more

How The Rock Created a Record Selling Tequila Brand

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It’s 300,000 cases of Tequila! With his premium alcohol brand ‘Teremana’ the actor and former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson continues his streak of success in the world of entrepreneurship. Record-breaking sales in the first year look astonishing when compared to other brands like George Clooney’s founded … Read more

Developing a Cohesive Brand with Mark de Grasse, the New President and General Manager of DigitalMarketer

Community is more important than ever—so important that entire businesses are being built around the concept. Tatiana Figueiredo is a community strategist and the brain behind The Business of Community newsletter. Her focus is helping course creators and membership community leaders build thoughtful and financially stable community businesses. What is a community business exactly? In simple … Read more

Adweek’s 2021 Brand Genius Honorees

Even with the post-9/11 recession and 2008’s economic meltdown in the rearview mirror, few economic calamities matched the speed and dread that accompanied the coronavirus. Last year, as service-sector businesses shuttered and layoffs spread like brushfire, America’s GDP took a nauseating tumble of 3.5%. The first half of this year saw a rebound in consumer … Read more

Developing a Cohesive Brand with Mark de Grasse, the New President and General Manager of DigitalMarketer

When you’re in the digital marketing business, the massive amount of content can get overwhelming. But we don’t have to keep what’s not working. Today’s guest is someone who looks at the mess and finds the joy in creating something better. And he’s brilliant at it. In this episode, host Jenna Snavely sits down with … Read more

How To Use It Effectively To Grow Your Brand

Believe it or not, the new age of marketing is about to get more intimate, human, and two-way with the emergence of audio-based social platforms. Clubhouse, an audio-based social platform, was already making waves in the news, and now Twitter has jumped on the audio-network bandwagon with Twitter Spaces. Twitter Spaces is an excellent possibility … Read more