5 SEO Best Practices to Increase Blog Traffic and Engagement

By Sahil Kakkar December 22, 2021 In order to make your blog SEO-worthy, there are 5 basic SEO best practices that you need to be following. Do you feel your website isn’t receiving enough blog traffic and engagement? Well, you’re not alone in this because Google is getting smarter every day. If your blog isn’t … Read more

Android Developers Blog: Launching Notes from Google Play

Posted by Purnima Kochikar, Vice President, Google Play Partnerships Hello there, Today we are kicking off Notes from Google Play, a new series where several times a year we celebrate your creativity and impact, and share key insights and best practices, to inspire you to be bolder, go further, and build even more innovative apps … Read more

UYBJ | Seth’s Blog

This is an absolutely terrible acronym for a really important idea. Use Your Best Judgment. Don’t wait for someone else to take responsibility. Don’t wait for perfect. Don’t wait to find this exact situation in the manual or in history. Use your best judgment. My preferred abbreviation is: Go go go. Not with a guarantee. … Read more