Musk accuses Twitter of fraud over the number of fake accounts in a legal filing

You may have heard about the situation with multi-billionaire Elon Musk and Twitter, a situation that’s been unfolding since the month of April. The latest in the dispute between Musk and Twitter is an accusation that Musk has aimed at the social media company – the accusation of fraud, reports The New York Times. Musk … Read more

Best Business Checking Accounts Compared by Crazy Egg

Over the years, we’ve started dozens of businesses spanning numerous industries and business models. While each is unique, there’s one common thread among them all—they each needed a business checking account. Based on our experiences, Novo offers the best business checking for small business on the market with no monthly fees, numerous tech integrations, and … Read more

Unauthorized access to some Buffer accounts has been resolved, here’s what happened

On February 26th, our team became aware that access was obtained to a number of Buffer accounts and those accounts were used to spread support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The accounts affected did not have two factor authentication (2FA) enabled, indicating that this was likely related to reused passwords as there continues to be … Read more

Google will enable two-step verification by default on 150 million accounts before year’s end

We are now in Cybersecurity Awareness Month as Google points out in a new blog post, and as the search giant says, “For most of us, passwords are the first line of defense for our digital lives. However, managing a set of strong passwords isn’t always convenient, which leads many people to look for shortcuts … Read more

How AI Marketing Rallies Teams Around the Right Accounts: A Hands-On Guide to Pardot Einstein

May 11, 2021 | 5 minute read It’s 2021, and we’re still talking about marketing and sales alignment. One of the core value propositions of marketing automation is to bring these teams together. By delivering marketing and segmentation to sales and user behavior and sales transparency to marketing, both teams get the information they need, … Read more