Spotify to launch new Wear OS app, brings offline listening to smartwatches

Many months after launching its Watch OS app, Spotify announced it will launch a revamped Wear OS app that will include a couple of new features. The most important is offline listening, a brand-new feature that will be rolled out to Wear OS smartwatches in the coming weeks.

Although the wording in the official statement implies that offline listening has been specifically designed for Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the feature will work on older Wear OS smartwatches too.

The new feature will not be limited to music, as Spotify users will also be able to download podcasts for offline listening. Premium subscribers will be able to download their favorite albums, playlists, and podcasts to listen offline. On the other hand, free Spotify users will be able to stream their tunes in Shuffle Mode using Wi-Fi or mobile data, as well as download any of their favorite podcasts directly to the watch.

When the new Wear OS app will be available for download, smartwatch users will be able to download content for offline listening simply by tapping “Download to watch.” The new app will be coming to Wear OS smartwatches from Fossil, Mobvoi, Suunto and more in the coming weeks.

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