Shift Keyboard for Apple Watch Adds New Features

With the move to version 5.0, the keyboard now offers smart autocorrect and a suggestions algorithms will ensure what you mean to type is what appears.

The app will predict what it thinks you’re typing after every key press.

An improved swipe keyboard will more accurately accept swipes and predict whaat you’re typing.

As a nice touch, you can also add custom words to the app’s dictionary.

And anyone running watchOS 8 with an Apple Watch Series 5 or later will also have the current message blurred out when their wrist is down for extra privacy.

Just to note, since the keyboard is a third-party app, it can only be used when composing text for a message. And while that’s not as great as an integrated Apple keyboard, it does provide a great way to quickly compose a message when you don’t want to use Scribble or Voice Dictation.

Shift Keyboard is a $2.99 download on the App Store.

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