Safari Technology Preview 132 is here for those who like to live on the bleeding edge

Apple has released the latest version of its Safari Technology Preview, with version 132 now available for download..

Designed to give web developers a heads-up on changes that are coming to Safari proper, the Safari Technology Preview is currently offered in two versions — one for people running macOS Monterey and another for those running macOS Big Sur.

This particular update brings with it changes to Javascript, Media, Web Extensions, and more. It’s worth noting that users will have to deal with a bug that prevents Tab Groups from syncing via iCloud, though. Those interested in exactly what’s gone down in this update can check out Apple’s release notes for the details.

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The latest Safari Technology Preview 132 can be downloaded from Apple right now, while anyone who already has the browser installed will be able to update without needing to re-download afresh.

While Safari is the best Mac web browser in most people’s eyes already, Apple continues to make changes and tweaks to ensure it stays that way. The Safari Technology Preview is one part of that process and while most people don’t need to use it, it’s always good to see new releases arrive for those who do.

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