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Reddit app install video ads support new ratios – October 2

Reddit introduced app install campaigns back in February 2019.

Initially only supporting a landscape 1.91:1 ratio for video ads, they then started accepting 16:9 and 4:3 as well.

Reddit made an upgrade and now not only supports 1:1 square and 4:5 vertical videos but mentions them as the new recommended ratios. This makes it even easier to test this promising channel.

Below are the full specs for Reddit app install campaigns as of this month.

Facebook testing ads in Groups tab (limited access)  – October 17

One of the few places where Facebook has not been leveraging ad placements is the Groups tab.

But since Facebook decided to put Groups first and improve the user experience (and therefore engagement), why not also monetize that part?

So a few advertisers can now display their Facebook feed ads in the Group feed. The format is the same as for the news feed ad. So far only single image ads seem to be tested but no doubt that if it proves successful Facebook will extend to video ads as well.

Google still A/B testing on the Google Play Store  – October 28

It looks like Google is still experimenting with the way videos and app listings in general are displayed.

After announcing in August that videos will soon autoplay, the information has now been removed from the “promo video” section of the Play Console help.

In addition, AppTweak spotted that for some users the recommended section is displaying either an animation using landscape screenshots (if any landscape screenshots) or the feature graphic (if only portrait screenshots).


Did we miss any big news related to mobile video for October? If so, let us know in the comments!


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