Premiere Pro finally knows how to handle the MacBook Pro notch

The latest version of Premiere Pro is bringing better support for Apple’s newest Mac.

Today, Adobe announced Premiere Pro 22.2 which, among other things, adds formal support for the notch on the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. According to the release notes, Premiere Pro will now dynamically adjust its menu when using the software in fullscreen mode with Apple’s new pro laptop.

In fullscreen mode, Premiere Pro 22.2 automatically adjusts UI elements to account for the notch in 2021 MacBook Pro models.

In addition to the new notch support, version 22.2 of Premiere Pro has added some other new features including Remix, better Speech to Text, and more.

New features in Premiere Pro 22.2 dramatically accelerate key editorial workflows, including Remix, which uses Adobe Sensei AI to intelligently retime songs to a specified duration, and updated Speech to Text, which can now be used offline generating accurate transcriptions up to 3x faster.

It might be perfect timing for Adobe to add support for notches on the Mac. Apple is rumored to be hosting an event in March where it could unveil the redesign of the MacBook Air that is expected to also feature a notch. It’s more likely to be released in the fall, but what great timing it would be on Adobe’s part if they released it right before the new model was unveiled.

Apple’s upcoming event is most likely to feature a new iPad, iPad Air, and iPhone SE. The event is currently anticipated to kick off on March 8.

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