Adweek’s 2021 Brand Genius Honorees

Even with the post-9/11 recession and 2008’s economic meltdown in the rearview mirror, few economic calamities matched the speed and dread that accompanied the coronavirus. Last year, as service-sector businesses shuttered and layoffs spread like brushfire, America’s GDP took a nauseating tumble of 3.5%. The first half of this year saw a rebound in consumer … Read more

Family Games for Everyone

Everyone loves candy! Tap the spinner and be the first one to the Castle Cake. SweetLand — Family Board Game Tipitap Inc. For a fun night with the kids, SweetLand is colorful and enjoyable. Spin your way around the board and visit neat places like the Ice Cream Palace, Candy Cane Forest, Chocolate Lake, and … Read more

Web Developer Uses AWeber + Thrive To Increase Clients

By Kelsey Johnson September 16, 2021 Learn how to collect leads, follow-up, and make a sale like Mark Brinker, who gets more business with AWeber and Thrive Suite. Mark operates a successful web design & digital marketing agency in the Detroit area. He built his first website in 1999 and he’s used digital marketing strategies … Read more

App performance to drive app excellence

Posted by Maru Ahues Bouza, Director Android Developer Relations In our previous blog post in this series, we defined app excellence as “creating an app that provides consistent, effortless, and seamless app user experiences. It is high performing and provides a great experience, no matter the device being used.” Let’s focus on the concept of … Read more

8 Easy Ways to Create Content Your Audience Will Love

Around 91% of users prefer interactive content. And yet, what you feel is an excellent piece of visual, dynamic, and engaging content can be hit or miss with the audience. With so many brands now tapping into the power of content marketing, now the competition for your audience’s attention is at stake. Which begs the question, … Read more

Top Grossing Mobile Games Worldwide for August 2021

The top grossing mobile game worldwide for August 2021 was PUBG Mobile from Tencent with approximately $270 million in player spending, which represented 4.7 percent growth from August 2020. About 61.4 percent of PUBG Mobile’s revenue was from China, where it has been localized as Game For Peace, followed by 9 percent from the United … Read more

Google Improves the Search Terms Report—What’s the Catch?

Maybe I nerd out over PPC too much, but I think looking through the search terms report is the most entertaining activity. When else do you have the opportunity to get inside the heads of your audience and see what they’re typing into Google? Last year, Google took away some of the fun with limitations they … Read more