Google Chat receives another protection against phishing attacks

Phishing scams are widespread, and if you are not careful enough, you can become a victim of one. As a result, Google has embedded warning messages in its Gmail and Google Drive services, alerting users when the apps discover suspicious links or malware. And this safety feature is finally rolling out to Google Chat as … Read more

Product Market Fit with Scott Cunningham [VIDEO]

Scott Cunningham, CEO of Social Lite and Co-Founder of Merchant Mastery, has worked with thousands of ecommerce stores. The one thing he hears ALL. The. Time?  “Facebook doesn’t work for my business.” If you’ve said that about your ecommerce store, listen in as Scott shares what’s missing and how you can overcome that hurdle and … Read more

SmartFriends App Review- Daily Brain Exercises to Sharpen The Brain

Our everyday lives are too dependent on electronic devices like smartphones, TVs, or computers these days. For entertainment, news, or work, we have no option but to stay glued to our screens. This lifestyle also makes it hard for us to adopt good habits such as the fitness of our body and mind. To overcome … Read more

How to Set Up an Offshore Software Development Center (ODC) in India

Quick Summary: The accelerated digital proliferation is promoting an era of outsourcing all over the world. Based on the findings of the Global Services Location Index (GSLI), India remains the top offshoring destination for organizations across the world. Moreover, a recent study from Deloitte claimed that around 59% of global nations prefer outsourcing their requirements … Read more

Squarespace Vs. Wix – Site Builder Comparison

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Wix takes the prize for simplifying the process of making a website. Its drag-and-drop interface, hundreds of apps, and flexible pricing options mean anybody can whip up a website without breaking a sweat.  Squarespace … Read more

Ecommerce Discount Strategy: A Nearly Fool-Proof Guide

Discounts have been part of the selling process since the times our ancestors traded sharp sticks for pretty seashells. Care for a bigger stick order? Perfect, have a free amber piece for the wife. And now we’re stuck with discounts for good. To this day, there are a few proven ways to approach discount pricing … Read more