Longer Snap Ads and TikTok Audience network

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TikTok planning a native audience network  – September 3

Following in all of the other big ad networks’ footsteps (including Snapchat more recently), TikTok is beta-testing in East Asia a native audience network.

Such a network would allow you to target users using other apps and games, outside of TikTok.

While TikTok currently supports various ad formats, we can imagine that ad creatives in this audience network would be either portrait 9:16 or landscape 16:9 (so user experience is best for people either playing in vertical or horizontal mode).

Snap ads up to 3 minutes long and optimization for 15-second video views  – September 24

Snapchat announced a few different updates on the advertising side.

Snap ads are no longer limited to 10 seconds only, which is a pretty big shift. Although nothing else changes, advertisers can now run ads as long as 180-seconds. This is great news as it will give more creative flexibility to advertisers and agencies like us. Plus, you no longer need a different creative from the Instagram Stories (15 seconds max).

Something else Snapchat introduced is a new bidding option where the goal is to optimize for 15-second video views. You can use this goal-based bidding to maximize engagement.

Snap is also now allowing interaction (swipe up) on six second non-skippable videos.

Did we miss any big news related to mobile video for March? If so, let us know in the comments!

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