Instagram now lets you pin posts and Reels to your profile

On Twitter and TikTok, you have this cool feature to ‘pin’ certain posts on your profile. The pinned items will stay on top of your posts, and whenever a user visits your profile, these will be the first items they see. So, you get to present your profile with the exact highlights you want people to notice. And now, this cool feature just came to Instagram as well.As Instagram announced, it’s rolling out a “pin” option, which will enable you to pin up to three posts or Reels on your profile. The pinned objects will appear at the top of your profile grid and will remain over the rest of your posts.But how to pin a post or a Reel to your Instagram profile? Well, to do that, simply choose what you want to pin and tap on the three dots located at the top-right corner of the publication. After that, tap on “Pin to your profile.” Now, if you return to your profile, you will see the post at the top-left corner of your grid with a white pin on it. Keep in mind that if you pin more posts, the already pinned ones will be shifted to the right, so the order of attachment matters.

However, Instagram introducing such a feature doesn’t come as a surprise. We already knew that such an option was coming. Back in January, Alessandro Paluzzi spotted that Instagram was working on introducing a pin feature, and in April, the social media platform confirmed the testing.

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