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“In a matter of a couple of weeks, we were already ahead of our end-of-year goal. A week later, we were ahead of our 2021 goals, and a few days after that, we were ahead of our 2022 goals.” — Instacart founder Apoorva Mehta on netting $10 million in monthly profit in April 2020.

Today, Instacart is more than an inspiration, and delivery businesses are in awe of its business, asking:

  • What is the business model of Instacart that helps it overtake its competitors?
  • How Instacart works and manages its over 10M users and 500K shoppers has been a great debate. Not to mention, every grocery delivery business wants to know the Instacart revenue model.
  • Like any other business there are its strenght and also its equivalent weaknesses. Lets do an Instacart SWOT analysisand find out what makes it the most profitable cart ever in recent times.

Instacart Overview

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Instacart has grown to be North America’s leader in grocery deliveries. It has raised over $2.7 billion in funding while being valued at $39 billion.

How Instacart Works – Uber of grocery delivery!

Instacart lets you shop from local grocery stores online, then sends a “personal shopper” to fulfill and deliver your order to you the same day. Unlike other grocery delivery services, the company doesn’t stockpile fresh produce in a massive warehouse. Instead, their shoppers shop at major grocery stores in your area like Kroger, Shaw’s, and Costco through its website, and then sends your order to one of its part-time employees. This personal shopper goes to the store, picks up everything on your list, and then drives it to you in their own car.

Instacart SWOT Analysis

SWOT ANALYSIS of Instacart is a technique to examine the business’s strategies and plans.


1.Quality Meals & Product Innovation​

Providing customers with quality meals prepared according to the desires of customers is prime. There are varieties of Instacart delivering convenience flavors used like hand-tossed organization, potato wedges, cheesy-garlic breads and parmesan bread. And in addition, in the sweet meal they have “Cookie Brownie”. They also have tacky pastas. Each bite of Instacart Delivering Convenience creates a strong memory in the client’s brain and ideas.

2.Reliable Suppliers

The suppliers of Instacart Delivering Convenience are credible and trustworthy. Furthermore, they provide the raw products and ingredients to them on time which attaches the supply chain management procedure.

3.Strong Marketing & Promotional Advertisement

They use psychological and strong message ads. Like Mother’s day advertisement of Instacart giving a message to love you moms and dads no matter what is psychological technique of Instacart.

4.Quick & Fast Delivery System

They provide delivery in 30 minutes exactly, if the customer will not get it within 30 minutes then they will offer “complimentary stuff”. Thus, they never ever get late.

5.Pricing Range

All of Instacart products are provided to consumers in affordable and budget-friendly rates. The consumers can get various sizes and deals of the venture of various flavors.

6.Internal Dough Manufacturing

The business produces its own business dough without working with any providers. They use a vertical combination through which their products are produced at high quality. That’s why it has ended up being secret ingredient for Instacart.

7.Customer Services

Social network supervisors of Instacart supply 24/7 help on their websites and social networks platforms through which they engage with clients. It makes for a good relationship building amongst the clients and the franchisees.

8.Strong Brand Equity

Every customer of Instacart recognizes it through its valuable services which makes for a strong brand equity. Instacart delivers quality items and offer 30-minutes quick deliveries due to which they have built a strong brand image. This is the reason that the business has numerous faithful customers.

9.Highly Skilled Employees

Instacart has ensured training and development programs for its staff members to improve their proficiencies. Because of its non-monetary (employee of the months) and monetary benefits (bonus offers and increments) the company has upped the staff member’s inspiration towards their work. The learning programs help the company to enhance their performances and boost their skills.

10.Strong Distribution Network

Instacart has kept its distribution network which is their most essential strength. They have also expanded their distributions in every corner of the world to keep its possible market worldwide.

11.Proven Business Model

The business model of Instacart is developed according to the “Expense effective shop model”. It includes all the operations which are kept in the past years : Earnings, fees, supply chain and operations, profits, methods and functions.

12.Investment In Technology & Innovation

Technology and innovations impacts the overall functioning and Instacart has done everything on its part.

13.Goods Return On Capital Expenditure

Instacart has made huge financial investments on their products and services, producing fantastic franchisees/stores. Investing on its worker trainings has yeilded higher earnings streams in past years.

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1. Low Number Of Outlets

Instacart has a high variety of franchisees for order taking but there are no appropriate dine-in dining establishments of Instacart everywhere.

2. Franchise Related Issue

Instacart is facing concerns because of dis-loyalty of its franchise employees. As there are number of franchise and it becomes challenging to control each worker who cheats.

3.Operational Difficulties

As the franchisees are located in every corner of the city, it becomes really challenging for Instacart to handle its operations.

4. Need Of High Technology

The business visions not match the innovation they are utilizing now. For this reason, they need to invest more in their technologies to standout in competitive market.

5.Net Income

Instacart has evaluated that their net incomes is not matching its monetary estimations and forecasts. The company needs to deal with its sales to increase its net performance and earnings.


1. New Environment Policies

With brand-new environment policies excellent OPPORTUNITIES for Instacart. With the smooth environment policies they can take more take advantage of technology.

2.Low-Calorie Menu

Instacart must include low-calorie meals in their menu. They can use low-fat products and less starch to make their products low calories meals.


Instacart has actually expanded its market internationally. There are more than 85 nations according to analytical data having Instacart outlets and franchisees. They prepare practically 1.5 billion venture on daily basis for a number of outlets.

4.Demographic Changes

The middle class consumers can also manage Instacart. They have segmented their market according to demographical division.

5. Population Of Asian Countries

Nations like India, Pakistan and China have high needs for grocery delivery. They appreciate the quality of their tastes and spices and love the ingredients they utilize like cheese and meatballs.

6. New Preferences In Instacart

Instacart can include more variety and tastes in their products/meals. E,g: LAVA cakes since their competitors have it.

7.New Trends In The Consumer Behaviours

Because of the new patterns in the consumer habits it has opened up various Opportunities. They can utilize cognitive ads to alter the choice making process of the customers.

8. Lower Inflation Rate

In some countries the inflation rates are low. This helps the company to control their costs and rates.


1. Direct And Indirect Competition

Its direct competition includes company producing sectors where as in-direct competition includes numerous fast-food chains.

2. Instacart Main Competitive Advantage Is Its Dine-In Facility

Instacart has dine-in areas in Middle East, Europe and Asian countries. But it has small counters in other places and in some locations there no counters at all.

3. Regulated Pressures

Each year the government formulates brand-new laws and policies. It has actually faced regulated pressures in providing salaries to their staff members and employees. There are 13800 outlets, and their license are renewed on yearly basis according to the laws and policies of the governments authorities.

4. High Cost

Instacart Delivering Convenience existing operations and productions includes numerous functions which are expensive. They don’t have any estimates or ways to control their costs. The labor expense and raw material cost is increasing day by day. They can work on cost-minimizing strategies to prevent this threat.

5.Lack Of Long Term Contracts With Suppliers

The Instacart providers provide raw materials like veggies and meats. As Instacart is producing its own dough, it also requires flour and various ingredients for it. There are no long term agreements with the providers. This can be a major THREAT to the company and can affect its production.

6.Health Awareness And Consciousness Trends

Now a days, individuals prefer healthy and homemade food instead of junk-food. The health awareness amongst the clients can directly effect the sales of the company.

The above SWOT analysis of Instacart must serve as a guide for other delivery companies aspiring to be like Instacart to relflec on all the 4 aspects : Strength, Weakness, Threats and Opportunities and better their own businesses.

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