How To Create A Webinar: The Ultimate Guide by BuzzSumo

This way you will be able to engage those who didn’t join your webinar but may be interested in the recorded version.

Host a dress rehearsal and get familiar with the software 

If this is your first webinar and / or if you have panelists, this step is especially important.

Consider hosting a test webinar with your co-hosts, panelists or interviewees to familiarise yourself and them with permissions based on role, screen sharing, sound and video quality, etc.

Additionally, do a run-through with someone joining as an audience member, decide who is driving the slides and test your interactive elements.

Promote, follow-up, and distribute forever


If you took keyword research into consideration when brainstorming the webinar topic, consider this part half-done. From here, what you need to do is:

  • Use those keywords in the title and meta description of your webinar landing page
  • Create a copy including your primary and secondary keywords. Make sure to use subheadings and bullet points to structure your copy efficiently and give your keywords some on-page prominence
  • Use keywords in on-page image alt text
  • Link to your webinar throughout the site (May be sitewide link blocks, related content blocks, or in-content links from your existing articles)

This is a basic SEO work that will help your webinar rank for your chosen keywords. Of course, you can try to get some external links to your webinar, which definitely boost organic rankings, but that’s a separate topic which I have covered here.

Whether you are uploading the full webinar or its takeaways, it is a good idea to optimize that YouTube page. 

That will help it rank in Google’s video carousels and bring additional exposure. 

Here’s a detailed article on YouTube keyword research and here’s my checklist which I use for each video I upload to Youtube:

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