Go green with Samsung’s Re-Newed offer: cheap phone, free Galaxy Buds 2!

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Go green with Samsung's Re-Newed offer: cheap phone, free Galaxy Buds 2!

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We live in a time of constant economic and technological expansion, which has raised serious concerns about sustainability and the future of our planet. Experts are warning — we have a rapidly closing window of time to react and stop doing damage to the environment before it is too late.Major changes are needed, and they are in the hands of big companies but also the everyday user — the way products are created and the way we choose to consume these products can both have a major impact.

Samsung is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and increasing the eco-friendliness of its products without forcing its users to make major lifestyle compromises. On one hand, new products and devices are created and packaged in more eco-friendly manners. On the other hand, Samsung continues to take trade-ins, incentivising customers to bring in their old phone by offering a hefty discount for it. And then, there’s the Samsung Certified Re-Newed program, which gets you a fully refreshed phone, with a new IMEI and a new battery, for a hefty discount.

Samsung’s “Green Chip” strategy reduces the carbon footprint and energy consumption of new chips, for example. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like much when you are thinking about a single tiny chip, but if you consider that there are millions and billions of them out there in computers, phones, tablets, and data centers, the benefits begin stacking up.

The way Samsung packages stuff is also changing — from recycled plastics to boxes that can be re-modeled by the user to become small tables or containers for whatever you need, anything that keeps these materials out of the garbage bin is a net positive.

And, of course, Samsung is putting a lot of effort into its Certified Re-Newed (CRN) program, which gets you a fresh smartphone for less money, instead of having that phone thrown out.

The CRN program works great in tandem with the generous Trade-in offers Samsung often has running over at its web store, and the recent improvements in software updates for Galaxy phones guarantee that these devices will have a longer lifespan. Again, better to have the tech used by somebody instead of it rolling around in a landfill (and burning resources to make new tech to replace it).

What can you do?

Consume consciously, buy smart. Samsung invites you to check out the current CRN offers. You can buy a fresh-feeling Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S20 and shave off up to $400 by trading in your old phone (if it’s eligible). Again — put it towards recycling, get a product that has been given a second life. Win-win!

To sweeten the pot, Samsung is throwing in a gift for a limited time — buy a Galaxy S20 from the CRN store and get a set of Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earbuds for free. Spoiler: we reviewed the Galaxy Buds 2 and we found them to be excellent!

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