Chime App Review- An Introduction to the Best Banking App

The rise of banking apps has motivated many leading financial institutions to join the race from all over the world. Thus, getting confused while looking for one reliable option is normal. To rescue you from that problem, we decided to prepare an in-depth Chime banking app review.

In this Chime mobile banking review, we are discussing its features, background, pros, cons, technical requirements, and more. We will also rate the Chime bank app on the basis of different aspects of the app.

So, if you have been curious about the usability of this best mobile banking app as well, stay with us until the end of this blog so we can clear your doubts. 

Background of the Chime online banking app

Chime was founded with the idea of making banking services more accessible and free for common users. The best online banking app does not include clauses like minimum balance requirements, overdraft fees, services fees, etc. The Chime mobile app profits from its business partners and corporate members.

A thing that should be considered, Chime is not a banking institution but it’s one of the best financial technology companies in the USA. Its banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank N.A.

Features of the Chime mobile app

To give you a better understanding of the usability of this Chime bank app, we will discuss its crucial features in this Chime mobile banking review.

1. Fee-free overdrafts up to $200

Chime App Review

The Chime mobile banking offers users an overdraft facility of up to $200 without charging any fee. The deposit is done directly into your bank account after placing the request. However, to get this overdraft facility, you have to qualify for the same. 

2. Maintain and manage credit 

Chime App Review

The Chime app allows you to monitor your credit reports from the app itself. You can monitor and make regular on-time payments to maintain your FICO credit score with this best mobile banking app. On top of that, this facility does not charge any annual fees or perform hard credit checks. 

3. Free cash deposit to your accounts

Chime App Review

The Chime online banking has over 8,500 walk-in locations that let you deposit cash in the bank account. You can also go to Walgreens and find deposit machines there. These deposits are free of cost. 

4. Locate ATMs on the in-built map

Chime App Review

Another feature that we want to appreciate in this Chime app review is its detailed map with locations of ATMs across the country. You can find your nearest ATM or explore any ATM to your desired location to plan trips or for any reason. The map is easy to explore and provides detailed information.

5. Make payments seamlessly 

Chime App Review

Chime can also turn into one of the best payment apps whenever you need it. The Chime online banking does not even need the receiver to have a Chime app. You can simply make the payment from your Chime account without any fees.

Pros and cons of the Chime app

Hopefully, these features have cleared how does Chime work for you. However, to know its real usability, let’s separately go through the pros and cons of the Chime app.

Pros of the Chime app

  • Trusted by millions
  • Easy account opening process
  • Can send payments to non Chime users
  • 24/7 support
  • Allows monitoring and managing FISCO scores

Cons of the Chime app

  • Some services have applied limits like Overdraft
  • Suitable for the US customers

Additional details of the Chime app

Additional details

MAD Rating

Security– 4.8
Features– 4.5
Pricing– 4.8
Navigation– 4.5

Wrapping up

Well, with that, it’s time to wind up the Chime app review. Now, it is clear that the reviews on the Chime app reviews Chime app’s download pages display that its users love the app.

Our in-depth review of the app also helps us in concluding that the Chime app is indeed a perfect pick for the citizens of the US to fulfill their casual banking needs from anywhere. So, if you are planning to use this Chime mobile banking app, just go for it.

In the end, we want to let you know that if you own an app as well, you can also reach out to us and get your app reviewed. To make it visible to a massive global audience and to find the right potential users, these reviews are the best strategies you can adopt. Also, these reviews display the authentic usability of the app, so you get to know if your app has scopes of improvements or if it’s already perfect.


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