10 Fast Ways To Lift The Quality of Your Content

It’s no secret that the internet is full of blog content. People have written, edited, and published over 525 million blog posts already this year, and we are barely a quarter of the way through.  Given that quantity, it’s no surprise that not all blog posts are created equal.  Some posts convey high-quality information, cite … Read more

Google Marketing Live 2022: The Only Recap You Need

It seems like just yesteryear that Google Marketing Live announcements were fewer but bigger. Like responsive search ads in 2018 or max conversion value in 2019. Performance Max could pass as the big one for last year’s event, but it remains a pretty controversial campaign type. But what does it all MEAN?! The point being, … Read more

WordPress 6.0 ‘Arturo’ Is Here With Nearly 1,000 Changes

WordPress 6.0, named ‘Arturo,’ is launched and ready to go. This update introduces nearly 1,000 updates and enhancements that make WordPress more intuitive to use for both developers and end users. Several notable updates, which you can read more about in the following sections, include: Faster website performance Page creation patterns Block locking Stack & … Read more

9 Tips to Get More User-Generated Content for Your Brand

Collecting user-generated content or UGC has become an integral part of many successful marketing campaigns. One reason is that you build a repository of helpful and engaging content to publish. More importantly, people are 10 times more inclined to trust your brand and buy from you when you publish user-generated content on your website and … Read more

Three critical keyword research trends you must embrace

30-second summary: Exact-match keywords are useful for researching patterns and trends but not so much for optimization purposes When optimizing for keywords, optimize for intent and solve problems, don’t just match your page to the keyword Brand-driven keywords should be your top priority because you cannot control SERPs but you can rank assets that will … Read more

Product Market Fit with Scott Cunningham [VIDEO]

Scott Cunningham, CEO of Social Lite and Co-Founder of Merchant Mastery, has worked with thousands of ecommerce stores. The one thing he hears ALL. The. Time?  “Facebook doesn’t work for my business.” If you’ve said that about your ecommerce store, listen in as Scott shares what’s missing and how you can overcome that hurdle and … Read more

Squarespace Vs. Wix – Site Builder Comparison

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Wix takes the prize for simplifying the process of making a website. Its drag-and-drop interface, hundreds of apps, and flexible pricing options mean anybody can whip up a website without breaking a sweat.  Squarespace … Read more

Ecommerce Discount Strategy: A Nearly Fool-Proof Guide

Discounts have been part of the selling process since the times our ancestors traded sharp sticks for pretty seashells. Care for a bigger stick order? Perfect, have a free amber piece for the wife. And now we’re stuck with discounts for good. To this day, there are a few proven ways to approach discount pricing … Read more