Best Pokémon Unite builds: Gengar, Zeraora, and more

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Pokémon Unite is Nintendo’s unique take on a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). This competitive free-to-play title combines the formulas popularized by games like Smite and League of Legends with staple mechanics from the Pokémon universe. While Pokémon Unite is certainly easy to pick up and play, there are plenty of complex systems that require some serious investment to truly understand.

Much like many of the most popular MOBAs around right now, this Pokemon spinoff utilizes a customizable gear system with equipment catered to various scenarios. Battle Items and Held Items can fundamentally change the outcome of a match. If you’re new to the genre or just looking to get an advantage in battle, here are some of the best builds for every class in Pokémon Unite.

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Best Pokémon Unite builds:

Best Attacker builds

Pokemon Unite Attackers

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Attackers lead the offensive charge for your team. Coordinate with your ally Pokémon to ensure you can effectively KO the enemies in your lane to help push scores into the opposing goals. Their aggressive move sets are designed to help you and your allies get the advantage in battle.

Pikachu (Special Ranged Attacks)

Pokemon Unite Pikachu

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Everyone’s favorite electric-mouse Pokemon is hands-down one of the best ranged attackers in Pokemon Unite when played properly. With high damage and incredible mobility, you can make quick work of unsuspecting enemies.

PikachuBest build
MovesElectro Ball (Lv 4): A long range attack that deals area of effect damage and increases in power the lower the opposing Pokémon’s health is.
Volt Tackle (Lv 6): Charge ahead and knock enemy Pokémon into the air.
Held ItemsWise Glasses: Increases Pikachu’s Sp. Atk
Shell Bell: Increases Sp. Atk damage, decreases cooldowns, and recovers health when damaged.
Energy Amplifier: After using a Unite Move, the damage a Pokémon deals is increased.
Battle ItemX Attack: Raises Pikachu’s Sp. Attack and Attack for a short time.
PathBottom: Pair with a good support or All-Rounder on the bottom path.

Venusaur (Special Ranged Attacks)

Pokemon Unite Venusaur

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Much like Pikachu, Venusaur is an excellent ranged attacker. With potential for high burst damage courtesy of Solar Beam and debuffs as well as damage over time with Sludge Bomb, this grassy dinosaur is great at collecting enemy KOs.

VenusaurBest build
MovesSludge Bomb (Lv 5): An area attack that deals damage over time and decreases enemy movement speed and Sp. Def for a short time.
Solar Beam (Lv 6): This ability has remarkable range and can deal enormous damage. Great for picking off fleeing enemies.
Held ItemsWise Glasses: Increases Venusaur’s Sp. Atk
Shell Bell: Increases Pokémon’s Sp. Atk damage, decreases cooldowns, and recovers health when damaged.
Leftovers: Helps slowly regen health over time, keeping Venusaur in lane longer.
Battle ItemSlow Smoke: This cloud of smoke greatly decreases enemy movement speed. Use it when you need to make a hasty retreat.
PathBottom: Pair with a good Defender or All-Rounder on the top path.

Cinderace (Physical Ranged Attacks)

Pokemon Unite Cinderace

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Unlike Pikachu and Venusaur, who are Special Attackers, Cinderace is a Physical Attacker. This means you’ll want items that bring out some of this fire Pokémon’s raw physical damage. Cinderace is definitely a solid and easy-to-use choice for beginners.

CinderaceBest build
MovesPyro Ball (Lv 7): Kicks a flaming ball at enemies causing massive damage and inflicting burn.
Flame Charge (Lv 8): Charge towards the enemy inflicting damage as well as increasing the range and damage of your next basic attack.
Held ItemsMuscle Band: Increases Cinderace’s Attack and basic attacks do an additional 1% of damage based on enemy’s remaining health.
Scope Lens: Drastically increases the damage of basic attack critical hits as well as improving your Critical-Hit Rate.
Float Stone: Increases movement speed by 15% when outside of combat and increases Cinderace’s base Attack.
Battle ItemX Speed: An excellent tool for chasing down injured Pokémon or fleeing from overwhelming forces.
PathBottom: Pair with a good Support or Defender on the bottom path.

Greninja (Physical Ranged Attacks)

Pokemon Unite Greninja

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Greninja is a more advanced Attacker who’s unique moveset allows for creative mix-ups that will keep enemies on their toes. This ninja-frog can’t take much in the way of damage, but with the right equipment can quickly and easily eliminate opposing Pokémon.

GreninjaBest build
MovesSurf (Lv 5): Greninja rides a wave that inflitcs damage while also restoring HP. Defeating an enemy with this move resets its cooldown.
Double Team (Lv 7): Double Team is an amazing escape or distraction ability that sends out multiple illusory copies of Greninja.
Held ItemsMuscle Band: Increases Greninja’s Attack and basic attacks to do an additional 1% of damage based on enemy’s remaining health.
Focus Band: This item increases Greninja’s defense and supplies much needed health regen when at low HP.
Float Stone: Increases movement speed by 15% when outside of combat and increases Greninja’s base Attack.
Battle ItemEject Button: This Battle Item quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction. Great for chasing or escaping.
PathTop: Pair with a good Support or All-Rounder on the top path.

Alolan Ninetales (Special Ranged Attacks)

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales

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Without the proper counter, Alolan Ninetales can be an unstoppable force of nature in Pokémon Unite. With high damage and tons of crowd control effects like slow, this frosty fox can effortlessly send enemy Pokémon to their icy graves.

Alolan NinetalesBest build
MovesAvalanche (Lv 4): Attack with a stream of ice that forms an unpassable wall in front of the enemy. At level 11 this will decrease enemy movement speed as well.
Blizzard (Lv 6): Blizzard is an excellent setup for taking advantage of Alolan Ninetale’s powerful basic attack. Slow enemies and pick them off as the try to escape.
Held ItemsShell Bell: Increases Sp. Atk damage, decreases cooldowns, and recovers health when damaged.
Wise Glasses: Increases Alolan Ninetale’s Sp. Atk.
Scope Lens: Boosts Critical-Hit Damage and Critical-Hit Rate for basic attacks.
Battle ItemPotion: A simple, yet effective Battle Item that will restore some of your Pokémon’s HP.
PathBottom: Pair with a good All-Rounder on the bottom path.

Cramorant (Special Ranged Attacks)

Pokemon Unite Cramorant

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Cramorant is definitely one of the trickier Attackers to master, but there’s no denying how dangerous its damage output is in the right hands. With great mobility and an arsenal of powerful abilities, this an excellent choice for players who strive for high kill counts.

CramorantBest build
MovesDive (Lv 4): Dive into a puddle dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and shoving them if hit. Cramorant also catches Arrokuda or other wild Pokémon as they emerge from the puddle, which can be used as a counterattack when hit.
Hurricane (Lv 6): A tunnel of wind throws any Pokémon caught within up in the air, which works as a great crowd control ability.
Held ItemsShell Bell: A consistently solid choice for special attackers. Increases damage and offers health regen.
Wise Glasses: Increases Cramorant’s Sp. Atk.
Energy Amplifier: Cramorant has an incredibly powerful Unite Attack with a huge range. This will help pick off any enemies who survive the initial attack by increasing damage for a short time.
Battle ItemX Attack: This will allow for bursts of extreme damage and make picking off isolated Pokémon quite easy.
PathTop: Pair with a good All-Rounder or Support on the top path.

Gardevoir (Special Ranged Attacks)

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir

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This psychic/fairy Pokémon has some of the highest damage output in the game. Moves like Psyshock and Moonblast are absolutely devastating. Gardevoir may be a bit on the squishy side, but these abilities make this Pokémon a force to be reckoned with in the arena.

GardevoirBest build
MovesMoonblast (Lv 8): Moonblast deals damage in a cone in front of Gardevoir and leaves the closest Pokémon to the attack stunned for a short time.
Psyshock (Lv 6): This powerful attack hits three times and the cooldown for the move is reduced each time one of the three attacks hit an enemy Pokémon.
Held ItemsShell Bell: Increases Sp. Atk damage, decreases cooldowns, and recovers health when damaged.
Wise Glasses: Increases Gardevoir’s Sp. Atk.
Leftovers: Leftovers slowly restore health over time to the Pokémon when they are outside of combat.
Battle ItemFull Heal: This item removes all status conditions and makes the user immune to crowd control effects for a short time.
PathBottom: Pair with a good Support or Defender on the bottom path.

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