Best Nintendo Switch OLED grips 2022

Nintendo Switch OLED grips

So, you’ve got yourself the Nintendo Switch OLED. Congratulations! Now that you have that fresh OLED screen, you might find yourself wondering how to keep your new gaming system looking good for as long as possible. Since you’ll likely be going handheld to capitalize on that OLED screen, here are a few ideas for special grips that will keep the Switch comfortably in your hands for those long gaming sessions.

Dat bundle tho:
Skull & Co. GripCase Bundle

Staff Pick

Skull & Co.’s GripCase Bundle looks like a slender piece of plastic — and on the surface, it’s rather simplistic. However, the bundle is what makes it a worthwhile purchase. The bundle comes with multiple grips that snap into place. Couple that with a carrying case that holds the Switch OLED in the grip along with ten games, and you have a package that’s hard to turn down. Plus, you can choose between various colorways to match your Switch. How cool is that?

$43 at Amazon

Best Nintendo Switch Oled Grips Benzacap

It fits in the dock!:
Benazcap Dockable Case

This Benazcap Dockable Case is a quick and easy solution to your Switch OLED grip needs. It fits neatly in the Switch OLED’s dock, allowing you to charge the device without having to disconnect the grip every single time. It also lets you use the kickstand should you decide to play tabletop instead. This is a solid option if you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles.

$16 at Amazon

Fintie Flip Case Nintendo Switch Oled Pink

Stylish grips and protection:
Fintie Flip Case for Switch OLED

Want a grip case that also doubles as a screen protector? This fashionable Fintie Flip Case wraps protectively around your display with a detachable magnetic front cover when not in use. It comes in three beautiful design options: A purple galaxy theme, a blue and green marble theme, or a pink and gold marble theme.

$16 at Amazon

Fintie Kids Case Switch Oled Blue

Kiddie proof:
Fintie Kids Case for Switch OLED

This kid-friendly grip doubles as a protective shockproof case made of durable EVA foam that feels great in your hands. It also sports a fun Mario design on the back including the iconic bricks and Question Block. There’s even cartridge storage for two games inside the casing. Get it in blue, red, or, black.

$16 at Amazon

Best Nintendo Switch Oled Grips Trepcrow

Simple design:
Trepcrow Protective Case

This one offers an easy fix for any Switch OLED grip problem, but this one is built a little bit differently. For one thing, it’s got shock-absorbent materials around the sides, offering slightly more protection than other cases. It can also stay on during docking or kickstand use — and achieves all of this at a smaller price point. If you’re a parent gifting the Switch OLED to your child, this is the grip to check out.

$11 at Amazon

Mumba Dockable Case Nintendo Switch Oled Red

Ergonomic protection:
Mumba Dockable Case for Nintendo Switch OLED – Red

Give your Switch OLED the added protection of a full case while also giving yourself better grips to hold onto. What’s more, the Switch OLED can even fit in the dock while this case is in place. This particular design comes in six colors, so you can choose whether you like black, white, red, purple, blue, or clear the most.

$21 at Amazon

Get a grip!

Of these, we recommend the Skull & Co. GripCase Bundle the most, as not only is it a great fit for most hand sizes, but the extra grips and other accessories take the biggest and smallest hands into account. The Mumba Dockable Case, another great option, gives your Switch OLED plenty of protection while also providing ergonomic grips for you to hold.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, you can’t go wrong with the Trepcrow Protective Case, as it gets the job done with the least impact on your wallet. However, if this is a gift for a younger player, we must reiterate that the Fintie Kids Case’s ability to hold games inside makes it perfect for the kid who can’t decide which game they want to take on the trip with them.

The most important thing with these grips is your comfort, so try all of these on your Switch OLED and see which one is the best fit in your hands. Once you’ve found the perfect match, it will quickly become as inseparable from your Switch as the charger, carrying case, and the memory cards we all had to buy to expand the memory.

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