Best iPhone Keyboard Alternatives

It has everything you could ask a keyboard to do, plus a bit extra

When you first download Google’s Gboard, you might not realize how much you’re getting. Sure, you have to go through all the setup steps of allowing it full system access and then adding it to your keyboard lists. Still, you might not know how much is packed into the keyboard, and how solidly Google is supporting it.
The search engine giant keeps coming up with new features to add to the keyboard. Right off the bat, we got glide-based typing, but that was only the beginning. Voice dictation came later, and a new update has added even more functionality.

Why we love it

If words simply won’t do, you don’t like any of the emojis available, and nothing else seems to fit, just draw your own picture. The latest update to Gboard lets you do that. All you have to do is tap the Emoji icon, then find the marker at the bottom of the screen.
Just like that, you’ll be able to doodle your own picture to send to your contact. You can choose from nine different colors of markers, and can even adjust the width of the line you draw.
The doodling feature even supports undo, so you can express yourself artistically with confidence in being able to erase a mistake quickly and easily.
Google might not have come up with the idea of handwritten drawings on iOS, especially in messages. However, the way it works is far superior to what you can do with Digital Touch if you want to actually draw something and know what it’s going to look like.

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