All You Need To Know About BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer

Quick case study ⏰

How we resolved cannibalization, saw site-wide traffic uplift, and gained 962 keywords, using BuzzSumo’s historical date filter

Organizing and updating your content can be a minefield.

We know only too well. 

The BuzzSumo blog features 490+ articles, so ensuring they don’t conflict in Google is a task and a half – let me tell ya!

When we were setting out our plans for 2021, we used the Content Analyzer to look back at our most successful content.

In 2017 we analyzed 100m headlines, and it became our most shared, most linked to, and highest ranking content.

So, this year we decided to update it.

We updated the data to create a 2021 version, which we did our best to differentiate from our 2017 research.

But ultimately it wasn’t enough, and the two began cannibalizing in the SERPs (see chart below from Pi Datametrics). 

We lost a lot of page one rankings and our site traffic dropped 😢

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